The Engine

3dPE is a collaborative project made by a bunch of nerds in their spare time. Updates can be sporadic.

We keep everything together using git - so handily, that lets us show non-coders how lazy we're being.

Interested in joining in? 3dPE is made with Python and OpenGL, along with Pygame and wxPython. If you know any of these, or you'd like to learn, come and talk to us!

Likewise, we're interested in anyone with knowledge of extracting ROM data from DS games, and of course, anyone interested in making a game with our unholy abomination copyright infringement baby.

Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 17:01 on 15 Jul 17
Transition complete - addition works with marking in a more voxelly way
Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 16:36 on 15 Jul 17
Transitioning terrain additions to a new system usng marking
Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 22:31 on 14 Jun 17
Editor work revamping terrain interaction - added a new cell-marking intermediate system between box/brush method and select/addremove tool
plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:27 on 14 Jun 17
Update battle25 for new system, tried to get it to work with ui2d
plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:27 on 14 Jun 17
Started work on TitanAnimator
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 19:07 on 29 Apr 17
Some changes to make tempterrain cells more efficient, breaking everything
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:13 on 20 Jan 17
Fixed box add blocks on round terrain not working in the y
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:21 on 16 Jan 17
Organised the terrain editing files a bit better; added the gridplanes on circular terrain
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 19:02 on 07 Jan 17
Fixed issues with where terrain was created (depends on camera position!)
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 21:34 on 05 Jan 17
Added a feature to InputHandler to buffer mousedown and fake a mouseup first if there were two mousedowns in a row; started on wx ui system with terrain options; added box drawing. Cell add/remove is still a bit janky
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 17:50 on 28 Dec 16
Added undo/redo system to the engine for editors; added undo/redo cell changes to overworld25:MapEditor; moved wx's input check to actionLastFrame, but it now seems to miss mouse-up sometimes.
Site bonzairob @ 14:56 on 26 Dec 16
Fix gitcommit bbcode, again
Site bonzairob @ 03:37 on 25 Dec 16
Adding some debug to commit bbcode
Site bonzairob @ 13:21 on 23 Dec 16
Update git api connections
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 19:59 on 18 Dec 16
Added the temporary shader to preview adding/removing batches of tiles. Left click add, right remove, click the other button to cancel (will be on esc soon).
M Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 20:12 on 10 Dec 16
Merge branch 'plugin-architecture' into plugin/overworld25
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 20:11 on 10 Dec 16
Changes from overworld25 work
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 20:08 on 10 Dec 16
Fixed some problems with adding and removing terrain
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 23:11 on 07 Dec 16
Did some documentation, updated and changed how the terrain cells are managed
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 16:46 on 29 Oct 16
Updated to allow vector uniforms, and applied to Terrain.
Site bonzairob @ 22:54 on 28 Oct 16
HW Server: test non-wss protocol, cosmetic for IRC communication
Site bonzairob @ 21:52 on 28 Oct 16
Updated the halloween chat css a bit to improve readability
Site bonzairob @ 21:26 on 28 Oct 16
Connect to the Halloween server over SSL
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 21:16 on 25 Oct 16
Fixed a bug with terrain vert updates (forgot to sort them!); simplified some rock vert code
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:57 on 23 Oct 16
Fixed issue with model/face/side click detection and streamlined terrain generation a bit; removed some debug prints from input and colour->number conversion
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 20:38 on 23 Oct 16
Working on terrain click buffers; a few semantic changes to Shader, Image, Input. About to rewrite terrain click anyway...
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 17:30 on 20 Oct 16
Updated obj loader to optionally load normals; created new rock models with normals; added normals and lighting to terrain; added new (more modular) framebuffer system and a which-cell-was-clicked buffer for terrain
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 18:15 on 02 Oct 16
Hooked up the Overworld state and got it drawing terrain modules in square or round grids; started work on vbo management for editing; changed some Globals names to better reflect their purposes (i.e. UP split into NORTH for -Z and UP for +Y)
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:24 on 28 Sep 16
Working on the opengl context for the engine and embedding it in wx
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 22:47 on 26 Sep 16
MapEditor main window layout
Overworld2.5 plugin/ui2d bonzairob @ 19:50 on 25 Sep 16
For the MapEditor, reinstating some basics from v1.0; removing some unused and/or copyrighted materials; finished's loading method and added user_folder_path and plugin_folder_path methods to the main 3dpe object
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 16:07 on 25 Sep 16
Added some platform detection
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 23:19 on 23 Sep 16
Fixed ParticleSystem crash, added ui2d:particletest entry
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 23:03 on 23 Sep 16
Fixed some pygame/gl issues with text rendering, commented some code, tried to get titanbattle running standalone
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 22:35 on 21 Sep 16
Setup for some basic, optional windowing; added the previous pygame stuff in and hooked it up; fixed lots of plugin imports and references
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 20:01 on 21 Sep 16
Reworked plugins to fix imports - can now import simply e.g. "from plugins.overworld25.components import Map"
plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 21:17 on 18 Sep 16
Reworking architecture for plugins
Legacy: Map Editor plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 18:29 on 17 Sep 16
Backup copy of ExampleGame gameobjects, added some sprites, updated notes in prep for 1.1
Site bonzairob @ 17:58 on 10 Jul 16
Gitcommit bbcode allows for errors
Site bonzairob @ 17:42 on 10 Jul 16
Amends to gitcommit bbcode
Site bonzairob @ 17:13 on 10 Jul 16
Added a max-width css rule for post content. Rediscovered how badly the site's css is ordered.
Site bonzairob @ 13:34 on 10 Jul 16
BCC'd myself into password resets for debug; cahnged isset to array_key_exists for project staff checks because isset is being clever
Site bonzairob @ 13:55 on 26 Jun 16
Fixing various bugs with creating new forums, projects etc
Site bonzairob @ 13:51 on 26 Jun 16
Added a [irc] shortcode that styles irc logs appropriately
Site bonzairob @ 19:38 on 20 Jun 16
Undoing whitespace issues and preserving merge
M Site bonzairob @ 19:31 on 20 Jun 16
Merge branch 'beta' - comitting whitespace changes after I stuffed up the merge before # Conflicts: # application/controllers/base.php # application/controllers/home.php # application/libraries/bbcode.php # application/libraries/threedeep.php # application/migrations/2013_03_28_195750_initial_setup.php # application/migrations/2013_03_29_120350_add_forum_id_to_read.php # application/migrations/2013_03_30_132321_add_forum_id_to_thread_remove_group_stuff_from_forum.php # application/migrations/2013_03_31_153518_add_edited_by_to_post.php # application/migrations/2013_03_31_201031_change_read_to_unread.php # application/migrations/2013_03_31_210939_change_unread_expiry_to_int.php # application/migrations/2013_04_04_220712_increase_post_length.php # application/migrations/2013_04_06_163633_fiddle_with_users.php # application/migrations/2013_04_07_164724_add_avatar_type_to_users.php # application/migrations/2013_06_22_192514_more_post.php # application/migrations/2013_12_21_133712_post_count_for_threads.php # application/migrations/2013_12_25_202747_forum_add_project_id.php # application/migrations/2013_12_25_203003_add_projects.php # application/migrations/2013_12_26_172248_projects_add_fields.php # application/migrations/2013_12_27_150957_add_messages_module.php # application/migrations/2013_12_27_163146_add_messagethreads_module.php # application/migrations/2013_12_27_164223_unread_messagethreads.php # application/migrations/2013_12_28_173118_add_msgunread.php # application/migrations/2013_12_29_121114_change_project_styles_field_to_settings.php # application/migrations/2013_12_29_160026_add_projects_field_to_users.php # application/migrations/2014_05_14_215532_user_increase_settings_limit.php # application/migrations/2014_06_23_220552_add_old_names_field_to_projects.php # application/migrations/2015_01_11_112757_add_table_for_post_likes.php # application/models/forum.php # application/models/messagethread.php # application/models/project.php # application/models/setting.php # application/models/thread.php # application/models/user.php # application/routes/projects.php # application/views/main/master.blade.php
Site bonzairob @ 10:36 on 19 Jun 16
The real beta merge - project tracker, downloads area, etc
M Site bonzairob @ 10:34 on 19 Jun 16
Merge branch 'beta' - remove weird extra newlines that cropped up from a linter at some point # Conflicts: # application/routes/projects.php # application/views/main/master.blade.php
Site bonzairob @ 22:26 on 18 Jan 16
Fix project creation
Legacy: Map Editor plugin-architecture Overworld2.5 bonzairob @ 19:27 on 01 Jan 16
Added some wintry tiles and a tree