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Prototype Progress

bonzairob We're Pro-Progress

First: bonzairob 22:13 on 04 Apr 13
Updown, running, moving between matrices: [youtube=f-KpRdYWcMU] So that's brid...

Latest: bonzairob 15:06 on 31 Dec 15
I was trying to make a demo but ran out of time for both xmas and new years :( ...

Site Development

jac A.K.A the vast majority of 3dPE dev time

First: jac 12:17 on 04 Aug 13
OK, so: * The "mobile" header is awful... it's not attached or anything ...

Latest: Kawwai 15:04 on 11 Aug 17
Does anyone have the guide to make a custom client of pokemon showdown? I have difficulties: /

will 3deep be able to have 1149+ mons?

Rejnka otherwise i'm waiting for nothing, although this community is still nice i guess

First: Rejnka 00:13 on 22 Oct 16
the reason i'm not using essentials is kind of because I need something without ...

Latest: Rejnka 19:42 on 23 Oct 16
...good. Everything is going according to [note=bz note: keikaku means plan]keikaku[/note]...

General Progress

bonzairob No longer prototype!

First: bonzairob 13:57 on 24 Sep 16
So, I burnt out on the PF site, back into the three folds. I've just finished re...

Latest: bonzairob 20:57 on 26 Sep 16
Nah I haven't done anything to titanbattle except add a method in

Community tools

jac tell me what you want!

First: jac 17:15 on 11 Nov 15
Hey folks, I'm planning to do a small hackathon near the end of the month whe...

Latest: jac 10:13 on 19 Nov 15
Yes, that's precisely what I was planning for the titan and move editors. Going ...

3dpe AI

F_Budgie clever subtitle, related to AI

First: F_Budgie 15:03 on 15 Sep 13
can anyone think of anything to add to this so far? it's the basic ai strategy s...

Latest: Porybot 16:46 on 16 Sep 13
First: Sneaky 17:48 on 31 Mar 13
How is everyone?

Latest: F_Budgie 09:10 on 01 Sep 13
fuck, off = new! pory!

New Items and Ability Machines

JDLJDL putting the "item" in "3dpe"

First: JDLJDL 16:09 on 12 Apr 13
so what if Ability Machines or AMs, that taught abilities to Pokémon just like ...

Latest: bonzairob 19:20 on 13 Apr 13
Maybe we could have someone in the game who can change a pokemon's ability to on...

About Page

bonzairob This means you, partially

First: bonzairob 12:16 on 08 May 13
Yesterday I was thinking about an about page for the site, but I realised it's o...

Latest: bonzairob 17:44 on 24 May 13
Fair enough. Well it'll be on the wiki now anyway, probably just as the main pag...

IRC network?

jac such connectivity, much uptime, wow

First: jac 12:55 on 18 Sep 14
With the recent issues we've been having with our current IRC network, I'm wonde...

Latest: jac 12:58 on 21 Sep 14
Okie dokie, well with @fleece's "nothing will ever get better" and your two vote...

Porybot Development

bonzairob IRC gives very little EXP

First: bonzairob 16:55 on 18 Sep 13
Please post request for Porybot here. i think he needs another rewrite-from-scra...

Latest: bonzairob 20:16 on 30 Jan 14
He should do... i don't think it works if you do it after one of the connection ...