I'm back.

elementalpenguin at 02:24 on 05 Mar 14
Wait, I guess that was the warning.
JDLJDL at 02:29 on 05 Mar 14
spoiler alert
Streak at 02:49 on 05 Mar 14
its like a boxing day for pancake day, except its zeldafan day
02:51 on 05 Mar 14
its also the European Day of the Righteous according to wikipedia

and thats tubular
F_Budgie at 15:09 on 05 Mar 14
zeldafans' been away so long that zelda doesn't even get the Funny Jokes about me me being The Xbox One

also allow me to be the first to say:

now we know what zeldafan is
JDLJDL at 15:14 on 05 Mar 14
i dont think anyone gets the Funny Jokes about you you being the The Xbox One
Cacapulse Banned at 15:16 on 05 Mar 14
Bonzai you really need to add upvotes or likes or something. I can't keep verbally approving of posts forever. :}
elementalpenguin at 22:43 on 05 Mar 14
How about kudos as a throwback to the yuku days?

Also I agree I approve wholeheartedly of JDL's post.
Cacapulse Banned at 22:51 on 05 Mar 14
>acknowledging that crappy system

Personally I'd go with "Like", and "The sight of this post offends me to the very core".
obscureOmega at 06:54 on 06 Dec 17
obscureOmega wrote:


i have to be real

this joke is much funnier 3 years later

also sometimes i reread this thread and the other one