What to do with leftover PF stuff

Rahjet at 10:04 on 17 Apr 14
So, I know that this site operates independently while maintaining the copyrights of PFmons. My question, as a formerly very active member, is what will happen to all the PF suggestions and topics left in limbo? Are these even a priority? Is there going to be a new slate with all that here? What about the suggestions reviewed and currently in the process of being made?

NOTE: I am going to be okay with whatever verdict is passed concerning this subject. If I hear one I don't necessarily want, no tears will flow... Okay, well not a lot of tears.
bonzairob at 11:43 on 18 Apr 14
This site isn't a replacement for PF at all; 3dPE proper is a separate project as an engine. The intention is for other people to use the eingine to make their own, non-PF-related fangames.

The game we're making, with a project page here (and its own wiki, fora, etc.) is being made by PF staff. Or, uh, will be. But again, it's not a replacement for PF, it's just a place to work on the game.

As for PF itself, my current idea is to turn it into something more like a deviantart for fake pokemon. I've suggested this in the staff room but there's not really been a consensus yet (except if a majority of silence is a consensus).
  • No approvals, your work stays your own and there are no "official"/"unofficial" PF pokemon any more
  • Collaborative structure for people to work together, or just suggest changes
  • Some sort of "like"s system so good pokemon get featured and great ones get showcased
  • Generally breaking down a lot of staff/member distinctions; less gatekeepy stuff (most of it will move over to the game forum here...) and more staff pokemon.
  • No more sprites - Game Freak has moved on and so will we. Staff won't provide artwork for pokemon, except as part of the collaboration stuff mentioned above, and anyone else will be able to submit artwork for pokemon too.
  • No more suggestions on the forums, the forums will be chat and RPing - but no more "official" Bombur RP.
I dunno, it's still in early planning stages. It boils down to all the bombur lore and such moving over to here, and the suggestion process being much more open and democratic.
JDLJDL at 14:56 on 18 Apr 14
Bonzai those are actually great ideas! What's the possibility of any of that happening, though
also who's the highest authority at PF right now?
bonzairob at 22:40 on 18 Apr 14
It will happen when I have to time to code the new site.. probably after i've moved house.

I dunno if there's a single highest authority really... well, we have the admin position at pf there for a reason.
F_Budgie at 13:21 on 21 Apr 14
i am the hgihest authoriy on pf. me, garfield dukat
JDLJDL at 12:55 on 24 Apr 14
F_Budgie at 04:13 on 25 Apr 14
that's not how it's spelt
NevtheApe at 13:11 on 20 Sep 14
I'd be sad if there's no more sprites/dex entries, that's always what drew me to the factory as a kid (to say nothing of being personally made obsolete!). Unless we upgrade to 3D models, what else can we do? General art of fakes is already included, so if we stopped spriting we'd just be having less content rather than moving with the times. Being retro is better than stopping what the factory has been doing for years completely, and there's generations of fans who'll still appreciate the older styles.
Edited at 13:17 on 20 Sep 14 by NevtheApe
bonzairob at 20:17 on 21 Sep 14
I guess I'm not against being retro as such, but decoupling it from the suggestions process seems best to me. The biggest tragedy with PF is that the people who are best at making fake pokemon get removed from the pool of suggesters when they become staff, and it makes it more difficult for them to actually make pokemon.

We can use the PF site as a lore-repository for the game, and we can always add more pokemon to the game after (or not after!) all the current PF pokemon get revamped and added.

So, should we just carry on and update the BW gen as and when..? Make it the last gen, since it's the last sprited gen, and add to it basically forever?

I would also be pretty happy if we did move to 3d models. It's not impossible, after all, but it is a totally different skillset. I want to make the engine Gen-6 friendly eventually too. Maybe by the time Gen 8 comes out :(