A Major Creation of Creativity

Cacapulse Banned at 13:30 on 30 Sep 14
I want to play bleach online
Horanoven at 14:58 on 30 Sep 14
No! The spambot hath claimed another victim!
Streak at 20:25 on 03 Oct 14
hello hello

Team Aqua have finished their first session, so now everyone can have a read.

Here it is.

Starring Me as Vyolt, Horanoven as Wilfred, Solshine as Walid, and Juddles as Jeanne. Join us as we make small talk, but with super powers.
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Drufle at 11:58 on 20 Oct 14
Ok so given that progress in Nobilis has completely ground to a halt, I'd like to find out if people want to keep playing, and if so, whether we should actually designate some time to do this. Because it seems that without any special time to play, nobody does any playing given how busy everyone is.
AndrewFM at 19:44 on 20 Oct 14
I really like the concept behind Nobilis, and making a character was fun, but I don't think I have the time or motivation to actually play the game. Sorry, Drufle :(
Horanoven at 18:32 on 21 Oct 14
I'll keep playing, but a designated time would help.
Then again, I am still a student.
So: yes to designated times, but I can't promise I will always be there.
obscureOmega at 19:42 on 27 Oct 14
yeah i kind of have time but i'm way too tired all the time to RP half decently. talk to me again after i get into college in midwinter :P