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Horanoven at 22:13 on 03 Sep 16
-Update September 3rd! Mischievious phantom paper lanterns full of fire. Also updated the previous berry sprite.

The Solasma Line

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EDIT: updated names
Edited at 13:05 on 06 Sep 16 by Horanoven
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02:09 on 12 Sep 16
-Update September 11th! Every generation needs a Pikaclone. They are guaranteed cuteness, after all (and marketing).
-Gose and Kloe berries have been added to items, as well as Storm Tail in moves.
-Special thanks to Andrew for the name of this line

The Suchizumi Line

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bonzairob at 10:41 on 24 Sep 16
The evolved form isn't very different, maybe you could rearrange the colouration a bit? Perhaps give it black forearms and feet, to give a tougher boots-and-gloves feel (while still being cute). It's best to not reuse the same palette too, so maybe slightly changing the yellow towards brown or orange could work.

Assuming it's electric-type, perhaps it could do with more electric elements somehow, at least in the adult? (I mean, that I can't tell is an issue, but it's not exactly obvious on Pachirisu for instance.) If it weren't for Elekid I'd suggest plug ears. Maybe some spikes on the ears or head, like a stylised spark? Like this random company logo. You could echo that on the cheeks to move away from Pikachu too, although at the moment it's like a ground type cousin to Pikachu I guess. Might work on the tip of the tail; like Raichu a bit.

For Ground typing, maybe big stompy brown feet? Again, especially in the evo. Tail could be a drill, or a pneumatic drill, the way it bends looks like it might dart forward like a scorpion pickaxe. Or maybe if you add a central joint it could be like a digger crane. Probably you don't want to go too inorganic though
Horanoven at 15:07 on 18 Oct 16
-Update October 18th. Sorry for the delay. Have a route 1 bird for your troubles.
-This also brings in a new ability, Slipstream.

The Kardonel Line

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01:38 on 19 Dec 16
-Update December 18th. Isiothan, a giant undersea isopod the evolves from a small bug-eyed pillbug. Brings a new ability, Thick Plating.

The Isiothan Line

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20:58 on 13 Jan 17
-Update January 13th. The Hoaxaquinn Line, a bunch of strange, mischievous felines. Also has a new ability: Jester.

The Hoaxaquinn Line

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