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Perhaps shame will be an effective motivator

bonzairob at 18:15 on 19 Sep 15
Because of brain chemistry and other bullshit, I'm pausing codey work for a little while and trying to do some arty sort of shit. So I'll post whatever here.

However it's still early stages (practice cello, doodle in sketchbook) so no fresh stuff yet. For the time being, some bits and pieces from the last few months.

A start on cave music:
21:48 on 15 Oct 15

a song about a sad moon
15:36 on 03 Jul 16
A work-in-progress of my own vs. battle music, because I'm a narcissist

I dunno, it's given me something solid to work towards
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AndrewFM at 17:30 on 08 Jul 16
I really like the chiptuney part at 0:34
Horanoven at 00:25 on 09 Jul 16
I'll second that, the chiptune is good. The song as a whole reminds me of the Kalos Champion theme.
Streak at 00:02 on 05 Oct 16
bonzairob at 01:05 on 13 Jan 17
I've been doing tiny little bits every so often, I might have a break to focus on it a bit when i get to a good spot with the map editor.

Here's Cave again, fleshed out a bit

I probably nee to learn how LFO works to make that vibrato work nicely.

Here's a little town thing that might be too 90s-snes-rpg:

I've got a start on a few other little towny things:

Decorus woods, from an OLD pokengine-era idea:

And there's an old version of Bastion('s intro) that I actually orchestrated, so i'm converting that to DS instruments. But it's 1am now.
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01:01 on 14 Jan 17
Here's that Bastion wip:

my brain just can't seem to follow this musically into a new section :/ ah well, it'll come eventually.