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Streak at 22:24 on 27 May 15
Okay, all your roll20 sheets are updated. Take a look at the Skill tab on your sheets. Consolidated contains all the new ones, apart from Technology and Operate. Because of sheet limitations, those are at the bottom of the Adventuring tab. The background tab still has all the old background skills (unchangable again because of the sheet), so only Artistry, Craft, Lore and Profession on that tab apply. The other background skill, Society, is still in Consolidated.

I've put your normal ranks into skills for you, and you should find a note from me in the notes section, explaining stuff.

Some of your sheets have been pimped out with Macros! You can press the dice button next to various attacks and spells, and they will autoroll all the rolls and calculate all the variable parts of it, and spit the output into the chat for you! Yay. Also, take a look at this.

You have a shortcut bar for macros avaliable. If you go into settings, you can activate it, and create new macros.
You can create a macro that's a shortcut to another macro on your sheet. Roll over the button you want to make a shortcut to, in this instance it popped up '%{selected|repeating_lvl-1-spells_0_Cast}'. For your custom macro, you want the same text but with your Character's Name instead. Note that here I used the dice roll buttons on the top, above all the spells. The ones next to the spells themselves can't be used for some baffling reason.
22:26 on 27 May 15
Btw, you guys don't have to update your roll20 sheets when you level up, you can just update your mythweavers and I'll take care of any changes/macros, if you'd prefer. Use of the macros is also optional!
02:58 on 30 May 15

the party is assembled. featuring doge and sheep
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Cacapulse Banned at 11:28 on 30 May 15
Isabel Corgrir Blackmail

Streak at 18:01 on 03 Jun 15
Final Fantasy IIIdPE has a wiki page now. Feel free to fill in your own bios, if you feel like it. I'll be putting logs up on there, and stuff.
Moppy at 02:33 on 05 Jun 15

Streak at 19:15 on 07 Jun 15
Our first sessions has been had! You can view the log here.
00:14 on 08 Jun 15
Also here's the music, if you want to play it in your media player instead.

Contains credits! And a bonus song.
00:47 on 08 Jun 15
The last session left off with the party in Eden, making preperations for leaving to the Glyphwood.

Next time, we'll start with you already having left! What about all the inbetween stuff, though?

Well, just tell me about it now! Maybe your character had to go visit someone and tell them they're a magical warrior now. Maybe they went shopping. (You got 1200gil, remember, to split between the six of you.) If you'd like to go into detail about the things you did, or play out a scene, or just say a single sentence, that's good too. It'll save time doing it in session.

Other things:
- You've to name the moogle.
- Apply the Berothio's Embrace buff, which adds +1 to your current lowest buff. (It then stays on that save forever, even if another save becomes lower somehow.)
- List any items you may be buying.
Drufle at 02:57 on 08 Jun 15
After the talking with the Archbishop, Bronn runs back to the inn the Wyrmsbane were staying at to find that they're all gone, and have left him a message.

You may have noticed that we left without you. No offense meant, really. You're an excellent fighter, and as such we decided to give you your own mission. Find the dragons of this land, and kill them. If you need any help, I know you're persuasive enough to get some people to join you.
Slayer of Scales,
Therion Lorsson, Elder Wyrmsbane"

After reading this message, Bronn excitedly goes off to find the people he was supposed to save the world with, or something like that. He kinda forgot, really. He isn't buying anything at the moment, still slightly too enthralled with the magic blue gem in his glaive.

Also, the moogle's name should totally be Figglesworth. Figgy, for short.
Cacapulse Banned at 04:28 on 08 Jun 15
After the events of the first session Zmey had a massive heart attack and subsequently died. She is now going to be replaced with a brand new super cool character:

04:28 on 08 Jun 15
his weapon is surfboard
obscureOmega at 04:35 on 08 Jun 15
we need to get into an extensive argument over the moogle's name which is settled by bogrir getting impatient and just calling him "Mo" or something which then just sorta sticks
Cacapulse Banned at 09:52 on 08 Jun 15
Can we call it Cher, I want to call it Cher
Horanoven at 13:28 on 08 Jun 15
Isabel prepares to leave by buying 10 empty vials (1 gil each). She also buys a waterskin (1 gil) and a backpack (3 gil). She'll save the rest of her share.

I'm voting for Mog (or Mo) and Cher. They're just simple.
Someone else will be needed to tiebreak it.
Cacapulse Banned at 15:36 on 09 Jun 15
In an alternate universe the party is composed of a Ninja, a Black Mage, a Dragoon (hell yes), a Geomancer, a Necromancer, and a Dark Knight.

Show content
Element: Wind
A fledgling recruit of the Wymrblessed, an order of ascetics who seek to embody the draconic ideal. He trains among this group's ninjas, known as the Wind Weasels. They specialize in completely untraceable assassinations that apparently further the agendas of the wyrms.

Element: Fire
A peasant girl who discovered her vast potential in black magery in a single night, after accidentally burning down a year's worth of crops in a two-mile-wide magic circle. She ran away from home soon after, later finding herself under the tutelage the Witches of The First Flame.

Element: Water
A grizzled gria dragoon from a faraway, undersea city. It was ruled by twin dragons that initiated and escalated a centuries-long civil war as if it was a board game. She seeks to exact her revenge on all of dragonkind for their manipulations.

Element: Earth
A "Nine-tailed" sorceress who was spirited away by the capricious fox-folk as a baby. She emerged from the fey realm adept in the art of geomancy, having been forced to learn it to defend herself for years against the sadistic faeries of the grove.

Element: Lightning
A mysterious masked gentleman who suddenly appeared among Suleina's high society. He lurks within his hilltop manor, performing abhorrent necromantic experiments. These projects are but a precursor to his real goal: the mass production of philosopher's stones.

Element: Ice
When a paladin enclave was ravaged by the Raven Blades, one trainee was given a harrowing offer: join them, or burn. Years later, on the night of his debut as a Raven, he vanished without a trace. Bogrir now walks the path of a true black knight, serving no cause but his own.
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Streak at 23:29 on 12 Jun 15
The next session is tomorrow! We travel to the Glyphwood, first thing!! Probably.
Here's a summary of between session events, then.

-Bronn went to see his clan, the Wyrmsbane, but found them gone. He was given a solo mission. Has he shared the details of this with the party?
-Zmey died, and has been replaced by Poochie. This is painfully canon.
-Bogrir decided to put his 346gil into the Team Pot, which is a term I just made up. There might be an actual pot involved.
-Orme bought some stuff and went off somewhere for a bit.
-Isabel bought some stuff too!
-Sheena hung out, looking hella fine.

Team pot is at 346gil, and you all each have your own gil counts. Feel free to share your money with these people you just met yesterday!

A short explanation of how XP will work. It's simple. You need 20XP to level. Typical challenging fights will give you 2XP. Other major accomplishments will give you 2XP as well. Smaller victories might give you 1XP. Something crazy will give you 3XP. With this, you'll feel the progress!

So last session, the Flanitek gave you 2XP. Althena, in her infinite kindness (also i'm impatient and want you to level a little sooner), has granted you 10XP. So now you have 12XP!
Moppy at 23:39 on 12 Jun 15
Sorry this took ages

After running back to the church of Phoenix to pick up his staff what he left there like a moron, Orme and Meruga return to Cam Sành's place, where they (yes, including Meruga, Cam is a master druid) inform him of the events that transpired that night. Cam is skeptical about the whole chosen-by-a-giant-crystal business since only the one of them was there, but is unable to refute the claims of the strange moogle, as he has at last managed to find a lead of his own on the monster-invasion incidents. He is, however, reluctant to say where he himself is headed to pursue this case, and instead instructs his students to pursue their own lead to the best of their ability while continuing their training in the field, and he admits that he is proud of how far they have come.

Thus emboldened, Orme heads out to do some last-minute shopping; he buys a couple bottles of lamp oil, rope, bombs, feed for Meruga, and also sold three whetstones (since I was still operating on Monster Hunter logic when I got them and thought I needed a stack of 20 or something).
Streak at 19:41 on 14 Jun 15
Session 2's Log is complete! And here's the downloadable music for it.
Cacapulse Banned at 07:50 on 15 Jun 15
The combat at that ambush was pretty great! I look forward to even more interesting encounters...

More good times! Zmey has formed a contract with hell demons to return her soul to the world of the living. Poochie has finally been vanquished. All in all a very productive session keep it up
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Streak at 15:05 on 24 Jun 15
Some notes, warriors!!

Moe is currently holding onto:
568 gil
unworked alabaster (2gil)
rock crystal quartz (3gil)
unworked turquoise (2gil)
turquoise (5gil)

Masterwork Tower Shield

Potion of ??? (unidentified)
2 Cure Potions

You also found 2 pairs of Coiled Armlets (+1 to CMD) and a scroll of Communal Endure Elements, which certain people took.
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Horanoven at 19:51 on 28 Jun 15
There is a strong chance that I won't be here for the next session (4th of July here).
Streak at 18:43 on 03 Jul 15
I've been pretty ill and devoid of energy this week so I'm going to have to cancel the session this week. You'll note I haven't even done the log for last week yet! I will recuperate and be ready for next week, hopefully. Sorry! :{

(you guys should hang out instead. go to the mall or something)
18:33 on 07 Jul 15
Session 4's Log is done! Session 5 will be held this week as usual, but it may be a bit shorter than usual as I have to prepare for a job interview and I'm also not wanting to stay up too late on the Saturday. We'll see how it works out.