Shadow of the Demon Lord

i hope y'all like apocalypses

Drufle at 17:38 on 12 Jul 16
Another trpg thread! At this point I'm wondering if I should just make a subforum for this and just lump everything together. This is a system suggested to me by Solshine, so credit to the idea goes to him. SotDL is set in an apocalyptic fantasy world where everything is going terribly because rifts into the Void are letting lots of demons and horrible things come in. You play as a generally uninteresting mook who is with a group of other mooks for Reasons. Pretty normal stuff, but the system has some unique quirks that I find really interesting. It's a d20/d6 system, aka a normal d20 system that is often supplemented by d6 rolls. This is shown by the boon/bane system, where having certain advantages and disadvantages alters your d20 roll. The combat is generally similar to Pathfinder, aside from the turn order. Rounds go as such- Fast players, Fast monsters, Slow players, Slow monsters. At the beginning of every round, players get to pick whether they'll be fast or slow. Fast characters only get to perform an action or move. Slow characters can do both.

While these are neat mechanics, they still are pretty normal. What caught my attention immediately was the class system. You start the game at level 0, with nothing but your ancestry (read: race) to determine what you can do. For this first stint as an adventurer, you'll probably be doing a lot of running away because the monsters in this game are terrifying and you will have a knife at best to protect yourself. Once you hit level 1, you pick from one of four Novice Paths, the Warrior, Priest, Rogue, or Magician. These are not arbitrarily decided, but rather you're meant to choose one based on what happened to your character during that first adventure. If you found a big ol' sword and used it to protect the others by slaying a monster, you'll be a Warrior. If you found an ancient scroll and accidentally activated it, you'll be a Magician. So on and so forth.

At level 3, you then choose your Expert path from one of 16 available. While they are split into four groups of four vaguely connected to the Novice paths, you actually don't have to stick to your Novice group. Later on, at level 7, you get to pick your Master path from a list of a whopping 64 options. It's really quite absurd. They range from things like Hexers to Explorers to Diplomats to Executioners. This path system allows for an incredible level of flexibility and creativity when it comes to characters. Your character could be something fairly traditional and be a Fighter/Paladin/Defender and be exceptional at being the classic tank, or you could be a Magician/Sorcerer/Destroyer and sling powerful spells around all the time. Or, as this system allows you to do, you could go crazy and be a Priest/Thief/Dervish; an acolyte of the New God who has decided that stealth and rapid damage is the best way to deal with infidels. Anything is possible!

With this being said, I would like to put out a notice about this system. If you are interested in the game and are trying to make a character, do not plan on taking certain Expert or Master paths. Part of the charm of this system is the ability to give you abilities based on how your character reacts to the plot; it revolves around how your character makes decisions. Choosing your later paths ahead of time spoils the plot! Let's say your character is a Fighter, and you're nearing the end of level 2. You've come across the man who is responsible for giving your party trouble this whole time, and as the melee/tank, you're in the front line. Perhaps your character decides that this man needs to die quickly and quietly, before he gets a chance to react. This would put you on the path to the Assassin. Maybe you decide to rush in, blades swinging, and catch him off guard. This would make you a Berserker. Or maybe, even after all he's done, you decide that he at least deserves an honest fight. You're on the way to being a Paladin. If you've already decided ahead of time what Expert path you're going to take, there's no decision here! That choice, and all other similar choices, have already been made.

So tl;dr, you can pick a Novice path ahead of time if you'd like to, because you're going to get there in one or two sessions anyways. But please refrain from planning further than that. Or you can go the way the system intends and not even pick a Novice path at the start! Simply let chance and circumstance mold your character.

This game will probably be starting in a few weeks, maybe a month or two from now at the most. At the moment, 5 pm GMT on sundays is the tentative timeslot, but that can be shuffled if necessary.

Here is the link for the core rulebook, by the way.
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20:01 on 22 Jul 16
We have the party! The players are: Golurk, playing as Roy, the young pig farmer girl who found an interesting book; Mopp, playing as Iron Charger I-LV-CII, an ancient clockwork centaur who was recently fished out of the sea; Solshine, playing as RĂ¼senfeld, a greenhorn acolyte of the New God's Inquisition; and Horanoven, playing as Drumun, the musical dwarven riverman who has a bit of a problem with the full moon.

The first session is still not prepared, but I think it will be on July 31 at noon EST. The timeslot may be switched between now and then. Get ready for some crazy stuff!
Cacapulse Banned at 07:18 on 25 Jul 16
Send me/post your descriptions/sketches I'll try drawing the party
08:39 on 08 Aug 16
I Got Macros

Set these and this like so.

Copy paste from here.

The sad part is boons and banes can't combine like in the sheet so if you use this you roll and add them manually.
Drufle at 16:02 on 23 Aug 16
We've made a new addition to the campaign; or, more specifically, we will soon. Most of the players have expressed interest in trying out different characters, be it new ancestries or paths. Thus, we've come up with a "guild hall" concept, where the party will have a large building where they call home that will also serve as a base to hold other characters. With this, players can swap out characters between adventures without having to kill anyone off, and players get a chance to try out new things. The only stipulations I've placed are as such: one, you may only have a total of up to 4 characters per player; and two, any characters that aren't part of an adventure must have a "meanwhile" section written for them, describing what they do while the main party is off adventuring. This is both to keep players invested in all their characters, as well as give me material to work with to decide on future paths for these side characters.
18:03 on 16 Jan 17
The novice arc is complete! And so the expert saga begins, with the High Inquisitor incapacitated after a suspicious possession at the hand of some spirit. Caecras is in turmoil, for while the corrupted Inquisition has been purged of evil, the city is largely ravaged due to the looting and raiding that occurred during this time period. A week after Tormond is defeated, the fighting in the streets has died off and the Orcish slaves have all but disappeared. Half the city is nearly destroyed, and the other half is filled with people too scared to leave their homes. It is during this period that the Emperor, who had been away on a diplomatic mission, returns. Hearing of what has happened, and knowing that few know the truth about Tormond, a new story is spread throughout the city- the Orcish uprising was a vile act perpetrated by the sub-human creatures, and these four heroes bravely saved the High Inquisitor from their greenskin claws. Tormond is safely removed from his position and given a place to rest and recuperate from the terrible event while a new High Inquisitor takes his place.

And so, the newly crowned Heroes of Caecras are lauded across the city as saviors, despite the populace not knowing who they were truly saved from. Rusenfeld, Drumun, HK, and Roy are given their own guild hall on the edge of the city, courtesy of the Emperor himself, on two particular stipulations: One, that they continue to act as true heroes and protect the realm; and Two, that they tell nobody about what truly happened in the Grand Cathedral. This new Hall of Heroes attracts many up-and-coming characters from across the Empire, and soon the building is a bustling haven for adventurers.

Months pass, as the Caecran Heroes Guild (CHG) continues to fight off small clusters of beasts and demons and ne'er-do-wells. The events of a few months past, now dubbed the Orcish Insurrection, have been largely forgotten by the peoples, largely because of a new threat on the horizon. Rumors of wargs and fomors prowling the nearby Patchwork Lands spread throughout the city. Some even claim hordes of minotaurs march to Caecras. And even more concerning, the moon has recently taken on an odd hue, glowing a faint red when full, and a ghastly violet ring shines during the new moon. And so level 3 begins in Caecras.
22:41 on 09 Jun 17
Wow, expert arc over in about four months! The end of the campaign is coming up a lot faster than I thought it would, just four more adventures to go!

As a recap of the arc, the Demon Lord's influence struck even the moon, turning the usually annoying hordes of beastmen into savage throngs of death, doing serious damage across the nations. The group went to clean out some minor fomors from a nearby farm, only to find the mysterious Maiden's Tear (and also almost die). This strange orb held rather substantial power over the moon, and seemed directly linked to the current dangers at hand. Later, Roy disappeared and the remaining four had an unbelievably bad time in a nearby tomb. As a sort of punishment for this lapse of judgment, the party was sent out of the city to do grunt work on the borders of the Empire's rule. In that time they managed to cause even more damage, and rushed back to Caecras as they heard its destruction beginning from many miles away. In a climactic battle between a massive transmuting ooze demon and a vicious void bull, the party worked together with Yvonne and their orc friends from the past to do some seriously wicked shit.

So now, the final arc of the story. Many, many months pass as Caecras does its best to pull itself back together. The hordes of invading beastmen destroyed tens of thousands of gold pieces worth of property and killed thousands of people. Once again recognizing their heroism (even though a reasonable amount of the damage was sort of their fault), the Emperor decides to officially name the CHG the protectors of the realm, as clearly the existing security measures were not up to scratch. Members are given some level of authority (and of course, responsibility) for the city and the surrounding lands. The city rebuilds, people begin to return, and the beastmen run to their dens. For a while, the Empire finally feels at ease.

But peace only lasts for so long on Urth.

About 8 months after the incredible defense of Caecras, a horrible event takes place. The Salt Sea, an uninhabitable blood-red sea just southwest of Caecras, and the largest inland body of water on the continent, suddenly begins to expand. At first, nearby farmers just notice the coming disaster as unusually high tides for the time of year, but panic sets in when the sea refuses to recede. The waters begin to take over much of the Empire over the course of a few more months, with seemingly no source for this unending deluge of crimson water. Level 7 will begin a total of about 11 months after the end of the expert arc in Caecras, as the party decides how to tackle this new problem.