Showdown time!


Streak at 23:18 on 07 Oct 16
We should do casual Pokemon tournaments. They're fun! Especially with all the strange metagames out there.

I'm thinking, people enter, everyone makes a team and finalises it. Once everyone is ready, we just have everyone fight everyone else. Whoever wins the most of their fights wins overall.

The prize is one kiss.

Even if you're bad at teambuilding, it's okay. Here is the secret to everyone's success. Join us.

Like I said before, it will be a casual thing, so you can battle with your opponents in any order, and at any time. Just save your replays, then other people can watch the battle unfold later.

So! What should our first tournament be? There's some fun formats here. I wanted to do Averagemons, but I can't actually find the option on showdown for that for some reason. I'd say some good candidates are Any Ability, STABMons, or the one where everyone gets six moves instead of four.
Cacapulse Banned at 01:35 on 11 Oct 16
I am in
Horanoven at 01:55 on 12 Oct 16
I can give it a shot every once in a while.
Averagemons sound cool, as does AAA and Monotype.

Random would be good for "go fight now!" situations, though they're not quite as fun as putting together your own team.
Cacapulse Banned at 10:20 on 01 Dec 16
Guess what. To celebrate the release of Sun and Moon, we're gonna have SuMo tourney! (I hope)

Only new Pokemon and Alolan Forms are allowed.
Two legendaries/ultra beasts are allowed per team, but Solgaleo and Lunala use up two legendary slots each.
Also, we're gonna follow all the standard OU Clauses.

And that's it! Go make a team with the coolest Alolan Pokemon and post here so we know who will join. :D