will 3deep be able to have 1149+ mons?

otherwise i'm waiting for nothing, although this community is still nice i guess

Rejnka at 00:13 on 22 Oct 16
the reason i'm not using essentials is kind of because I need something without a hard cap on mons because reasons. they're very cool reasons, i promise.
bonzairob at 19:34 on 22 Oct 16
Yeah, no problem at all
jac at 20:32 on 22 Oct 16
To add to that: our plan is to have no limit. If we mess anything up the absolute minimum cap would still be in the thirty thousands.

It's also possible that if we're hosting multiplayer functionality for you instead of you doing it yourself there would be limits imposed to ensure every community gets its fair share. A few thousand per game should be well within those reasonable limits though :)
Rejnka at 23:44 on 22 Oct 16
...good. Everything is going according to keikaku...
Edited at 19:42 on 23 Oct 16 by bonzairob