Burning Wheel: Red Sands

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Drufle at 03:32 on 15 Nov 16
A preface to this; this game will likely not start for a while, so this is more of an announcement than an immediate call for people to get ready to play. That being said, I am aiming for the game to start in the next few weeks, probably before the end of the semester.

For many years, the humans of Aurum have been separated by war and blood, the desert miners of Don and the high nobles of Regius. Recently, both nations have enjoyed relative peace, but many believe it isn't to last. Tensions are high once again, and many expect a war is brewing. Corps are forming, armies are being pulled together, the smell of steel and arcane forges fills the air. None know this more than the mining towns of Don, and in such a place, an unprecedented event occurs. Loreth, one of the greatest Viterrum mines on the continent, has just experienced a coup. In this time of worry and instability, a few members of the city have decided to prevent the war happening altogether by killing the man, Duke Randell, in charge of the most necessary material.

And these members, the forces behind one of the most substantial uprisings in recent history, are you, the players. Whether or not their actions succeed at preemptively ending the war shall be determined by your choices, your actions, and perhaps most importantly, your beliefs.

Welcome to Red Sands, 3DPE's Burning Wheel campaign, and probably the one that has had the most preparation out of all of them. First and foremost, any potential players should take a quick look at the preliminary BW thread earlier in this subforum for some general mechanics rules (or just don't read them and I'll probably explain them later anyway) and also look here for the setting. Horanoven and I have spent quite a while splicing together this setting, and I think it's turned out well. The first thing you'll see here is a map of Aurum, and where the aforementioned nations of Don and Regius are. Loreth is located due north of Miradell, near the border of the mountainous region. After the map is a list of races; the first seven, listed as Major Races, are the ones available to play as; the others are for NPC building and general shenanigans. A lot of what's going on in these files are probably nonsense to anyone not well affiliated with BW, and honestly I have to look up some of this stuff every now and then as well. Because of that, don't worry about the mechanics of your character, because that comes later. First and foremost, you need a concept.

There is only one thing that I am defining your character as; somehow, for whatever reason, they are partially responsible for the death of Duke Randell and the taking of Loreth. Everything else about your character is up to you. Perhaps you were a baker in his mansion that defected and allowed the slayer(s) inside. Perhaps you were the assassin themselves, the one that brought Randell to an early grave. Or perhaps you were just a miner who, somehow, got whipped up in this mess. Regardless, your first step is to pick a concept, and then a race that you think would fit (as a human nation, any of the main races could show up here, although a few would have some implications). I will be having a character creation session later this week for any interested, and I will also be explaining some basics of the game as a refresher.

Good luck; you may need it.
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23:34 on 15 Nov 16
The character creation sessions will be at 5 pm GMT tomorrow, and another at an undetermined time on Thursday for those that can't make the one tomorrow.