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bonzairob at 17:54 on 27 Jul 14
Status update: I've started unlinking the 3dPE app from pygame so I can swap in WX. Pygame will probably still be used for the final product, because of audio and suchlike, but using WX means I'll be able to properly integrate the map editor. Which should be pretty cool.

I've just got it, well, rendering anything. Still some work to do!

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I have a feeling all the textures are upside-down...
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12:30 on 02 Aug 14
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Next stop: editor
20:24 on 03 Aug 14
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I've got a lot of stuff planned out, i should be able to attack it in chunks. To get a feel for linking the game and the editor, I think I'll start off with camera controls.
13:31 on 14 Sep 14
Well, attacking in chunks turned out to be a little optimistic. Some of the chunks have been a lot of work.

Right now, I'm rewriting the terrain tools - adding cells (formerly tiles, to differentiate between them and tileset/texture tiles), and moving them around. The movement's been revised and tilting tiles has been removed, for now; the intention is that updown levels will be created with layers of rocks, and then some rock faces will be smoothed out for stairs.

Unfortunately, burning the candle at both ends is catching up with me, and I'm having serious difficulty concentrating on anything. My job-work is suffering along with my hobbies. I've had a two-week break from engine work, and I'm still not having any more luck getting stuff done, so I'm going to listen to my body. Hopefully eating a bit better and sleeping more than 5 hour a night will sort me out.

I'm not giving up, far from it! I really, really want to get started on the PF game and see what all this engine work can really do. But progress isn't going to stay slow for a little while longer.
17:13 on 05 Oct 14
Aaand we're back on the horse. Get your own horse. Mine has rockets.

Progreps: Adding cells is nearly done - got a bug right now with creating new nodes when you create rocks too. Partially posting to remind myself for later.
I still need to do: creating nodes when you add cells to the side of another cell instead of above; extending rocks if you add to the side with rocks ticked.
After that: removing cells, and removing cells w/ rocks - so you can make holes and there will be rocks in them. 3dpe: rock simulator

When I give up on this I'll move on to tiles, which should at least make screenshots prettier, before going back to sort out moving cells around. Buuut terrain stuff is probably going to be the bulk of work for the v1.0.0 demo. Milestone!
19:09 on 05 Nov 14
Terrain stuff is done for now - later I need to add in flattening rocks so you can stick stairs in, but that can wait. Next up: shingles
Cacapulse Banned at 12:37 on 06 Nov 14 cant wait
Horanoven at 03:10 on 11 Nov 14
Holy cow, everything is really picking up steam. Nice work! :D
bonzairob at 18:47 on 15 Nov 14
Tiling progress!!

9.7MB gif with firstperson:

Still a bit of work to go with editing and that sort of thing.
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20:48 on 02 Feb 15
Guess I forgot about this thread!

Obj importer work:

Messed up the texture positioning...

Mostly I post updates on Tumblr - like my adventures with the depth buffer.
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Streak at 20:55 on 05 Feb 15
bonzairob at 22:33 on 28 Apr 15
Hey so this looks a bit different to my usual screenshots

... I just notice that giant ON, wtf
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21:38 on 11 Jun 15
There are two alphas out to devs and it probably doesn't count as a prototype any more. I'm now hopping off overworld and on to battle!
15:57 on 12 Jun 15
And a terrifying glitch for the road

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21:34 on 15 Aug 15
Buggy as fuck but we're getting there; the first tackle works, the second does not. Maybe they missed? Lots of tidying to do. I also accidentally made this loop perfectly.
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22:54 on 30 Aug 15
less buggy battle scene! Just got to add exp bars, and then maybe some particle effects and damage flashing. Under a cut because 2 MB.
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Rejnka at 13:36 on 01 Sep 15
I presume "wants to shiv a motherfucker" is prototype speak for Taunt status, yes?
bonzairob at 22:47 on 03 Sep 15
Camera swoosh!
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00:51 on 20 Dec 15
Game mode!
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AndrewFM at 01:11 on 20 Dec 15
Nice, this is looking really good.
jac at 04:49 on 25 Dec 15
I've been screwing around with a web client, and have this so far:

Key things to note:
  • There is no SSL cert so don't use any password you care about.
  • All the text is unhelpful.
  • If the backend server crashes, the map is lost (in progress...)
"referral" key is in IRC topic.

Looks like this:
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bonzairob at 15:06 on 31 Dec 15
I was trying to make a demo but ran out of time for both xmas and new years :(
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