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Streak at 13:54 on 25 Mar 14
if you're having trouble loading these little player thingies (i think its not working because there are too many) then open them in a new tab and then close this tab. it should maybe work then??

here's more

16:12 on 27 Mar 14
I made item icons for some habitRPG quests, here they are.

A Light Crystal, used in the Vice Dragon quest.

A 'Potatoe', which is not quite a potato.

A Rumour Scroll, which contains fascinating gossip about Golurk.

A Testimony, which isn't really an item at all. It's just a bunch of words!
bonzairob at 09:19 on 28 Mar 14
Thos sprites are great!
obscureOmega at 13:25 on 28 Mar 14

Streak at 16:15 on 28 Mar 14
is that ron weasley
Cacapulse Banned at 16:23 on 28 Mar 14
it's famous anime character, bread-kun
AndrewFM at 20:27 on 07 Apr 14
Streak at 16:24 on 21 Apr 14
meribia, from that rpg i won't shut up about, but now bw2
hot sexy crater zone act 2
the first level from the goku advenutes of goku game, but not the legacy of goku game, thats another thing
16:27 on 21 Apr 14
oh i guess i forgot to put these here too
sonrc 3
16:29 on 21 Apr 14
I want to try an original song next since budgie has cracked the ultimate riddle for me (do u get it, ehehr) and now its probably a bit easier to do that.
21:51 on 04 Jun 14
well then

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15:47 on 15 Jul 14
I didn't make this, I just recorded it, but here is a bunch of remixes ripped from a Sonic hack called Sonic Boom, which I did a video playthrough of before. It's only 3 stages long but there's 42 songs in the sound test so thats weird I guess.

Soundtest Download

It's 42 tracks, mostly Megaman X stuff. Here are free samples. (the rest is also free though,,,,,)

Big Blue
Grandia 2 Final Boss
Shining Hotarunicus (what does that even mean)
Sonic Boom (well of course)
Spiral Pegacion

download today for your sega mega genesis turdo edition
19:06 on 19 Jul 14
i drew the draws

look! incredible DEALS

double flipped off combo
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18:13 on 01 Aug 14

[MD] Tidal Tempest Good Future (US) [Sonic CD]
[MD] Fight The Knight [Sonic And The Black Knight]
[BW2] Vane [Lunar: Silver Star Story]
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22:49 on 01 Aug 14
look i got nice pencils

<--- (that hand was too difficult)

[23:42] <phoone|pc> ALSO FRIENDSHIP
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02:04 on 05 Oct 16
isnt it weird that the last post in this topic was from a world where undertale didnt exist yet..............we shall call this 1AU, after undertale.

Pokemon Uranium's Battle Theme
Sonic Adventure's Twinkle Park
Lunar 1's Burg
Sonic Mania's Invincibility
Undertale's Dating Start!
Cave Story's Moonsong

theres more but these are the recent ones. theres like 450 songs in my dropbox folder, wish there was a better way of exhibiting them
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