XY Spoiler Thread

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bonzairob at 12:59 on 28 Sep 13
I got the red Yveltal 3DS! irc me for my frond code
nerdstick at 01:29 on 29 Sep 13
The color change is just to make it look less lazy.

Couldn't it be a different designed sword
or a sword and shield

also Gold X/Y XL > R/B XL.
03:36 on 03 Oct 13
water starter turns pointy, ninja, cool

fire and grass 2nd evos are the ugliest things I've ever seen what were they thinking
and binacle is real?? come ooooooon
Spritzee evolution ruined..

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02:32 on 06 Oct 13
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Only 70 new Pokemon? Mega Evolutions should have just been alternate evolutions instead.
There are -only 70- new Pokemon and they waste it on junk like Binacle?

And did they seriously remove one of the only things I really liked: 3D Models and loss animations in battles in exchange for pre-battle sprites?

Phantump and Pumkaboo is cool I guess....but it's pink instead of orange......sigh.....
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03:47 on 06 Oct 13
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ok this is pretty awesome
..wait it's dragon/ground? a green snake? wat
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Cacapulse Banned at 06:37 on 06 Oct 13
mega dunsparce
JDLJDL at 14:17 on 07 Oct 13
nerdstick youre making no sense the spritzee evo is amazing so is binacle
also keys is an interesting concept but its probably going to be a novelty pokemon. of course we need novelty pokemon they keep things interesting

zygarde obviously comes from ZYgote + reGARDE, since theyre going with a genes motif and kalos is france
zygotes are the original mother cells for sexually reproducing organisms so ground type makes sense because mother earth
regarde because it has a lot of eyes
F_Budgie at 07:45 on 08 Oct 13
are you sure those are eyes they just look like hexagons to me
Cacapulse Banned at 16:10 on 08 Oct 13
maybe all of the hexagons are eyes idfk

Where the hell are the other legendaries because I really want the "muh 70 mons" people to shut up (hmm yes clearly this is a sign of lazy because all the other features definitely didnt take any effort at all, the only measure of effort are the monsters. they don't even count the mega evolutions they're almost new mons already)

we'll get 75! take that SKEPTIC

JDLJDL at 02:50 on 09 Oct 13
70 isnt even bad, gen 4 had like 77 original mons and the rest were all evolutions of old ones
but yeah im sure there are more legendary pokemon
bonzairob at 14:06 on 11 Oct 13
Guess what I have physical copies of
F_Budgie at 03:40 on 12 Oct 13
REAL LIVE SABLEYE??????????!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!!?fgkggg jTJ Ccool Capitlalist Manipulations
bonzairob at 18:35 on 14 Oct 13
Don't save outside in Lumiose City! There's a chance it will freeze your game and the only way to fix it is to delete the save data.