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bonzairob at 12:16 on 08 May 13
Yesterday I was thinking about an about page for the site, but I realised it's only going to limit it if it's just written by one of us. Lets collaborate!

Topics I'd like to cover: the game, running it, git, the site, the IRC, the community members, the bots, whatever.

Topics we probably shouldn't cover in public: our origin, how we're all enamoured with Budgie.

I've got some stuff written up already but i'm on my phone right now, I'll post it later on.

Let us begin!
18:41 on 08 May 13
3dPE is a 3D pokemon-style engine, designed to finally bring fangames past the Advance gen. Designed for the DPPt and BW generations, with the option in the future to upgrade for XY, anyone will be able to download the toolkit and get started on their game.

Coded from scratch in Python, using modern OpenGL techniques, the engine runs well on any computer capable of running it at all. Planned features include sharing maps online via the website, and collaborating on maps and projects with friends.

The Community
The 3dPE community sprang fully formed from Streak's forehead and has nothing to do with another pokemon fangame project called Pokengine. Nothing whatsoever.

We're a pretty chill bunch and if you're not a jerk you're bound to fit in. Bonus points for being funny! Not a day goes by that we don't laugh at you. We've also been told by a feminist that, as a mostly male group, we're surprisingly not a bunch of misogynists, which is nice. You'll find us mostly on IRC in #3dpe, we also have a steam group at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/3dpe. If you ever meet someone called ZeldaFan, them the we miss them.
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jac at 21:49 on 08 May 13
> .. the community members,
> the bots, ...
Heck yes! They should each get their own page. Maybe we can integrate a wiki system to the site? I think that would be good for keeping up-to-date information on the acquiring/building of the engine. We've already got some instructions in that other thread for using git, and @fleece is still building executables, right?

Can we just drop the mention of python?
> The engine, coded from scratch using modern OpenGL techniques, runs well on any computer capable of running it at all.
Maybe it's fine the way it is :p

> Not a day goes by that we don't laugh at jac.
:O I've been missing some good laughs, then! Sometimes I go a week without laughing at myself. Going to have to read more of the IRC.
bonzairob at 21:59 on 08 May 13
Check the source there :P I'm not talking a big bio for each person, just a few sentences to point out who's british or easiest to get money out of or whatever.
jac at 22:08 on 08 May 13
Aw :( I thought you put the @ and made it bold. It used to, right? It looks pretty bad if you're not logged in and just came to this page :p

Well I have to make a documentation for PINKSERV2 somewhere :p I've been planning on having it under her homedir, but figured if other people maintained it then I'd have more time to procrastinate finishing up v2.

Ultimately though, I think we should have guides for creating maps/monsters/moves/whatever assets, and that would probably be best suited for a wiki.
F_Budgie at 07:15 on 24 May 13
i am against the entire community description

1) why do we need to mention pokengine at all can anyone tell me especially when it's publicity jext would otherwise not be getting at all

2) we don't really need to remind people that we are not a bunch of misogynists do we it's not worth devoting an entire mini-paragraph too

3) the you tag will look shit to everyone who isn't logged in

4) does not mention vegeta

5) "Bonus points for being funny!" doesn't work in an about page it looks like "Hey guys, this is my touube channel taht will make me a teenag einternet superstart!!!! just wait until saturday night live gets a hold of my comedy power"
bonzairob at 17:44 on 24 May 13
Fair enough. Well it'll be on the wiki now anyway, probably just as the main page; everyone can mess with it.