The Make A Ghost Robot Happy Foundation - IT BEGINS

With your donations we can help a young ghost robot before he doubledies

elementalpenguin at 20:29 on 19 Oct 14
Look upon this battle for the ages! Streak's done it!
Streak at 20:59 on 19 Oct 14

spoils of friend war
Cacapulse Banned at 11:13 on 26 Oct 14
Can this be used for this
I'm trash so I can't add to the fund like Streak can but I will battle everyone or like do sketches for them (for real this time)
bonzairob at 11:18 on 26 Oct 14
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Streak at 16:53 on 26 Oct 14
this urn has been earned
elementalpenguin at 11:12 on 27 Oct 14
Cacapulse Banned at 14:50 on 27 Oct 14

Price of The Final Urn
bonzairob at 21:19 on 27 Oct 14
the bonz man HASS the burshes
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Cacapulse Banned at 01:19 on 28 Oct 14
bonzairob at 19:52 on 09 Dec 18
Since it's never gonna be used now I'm returning the last of the friend funds to everyone. Merry xmas.

Here's the final breakdown.

Payments received:
PersonDonatedPercentage of total
Me $30.4016.77%
Elementalpenguin $5027.58%
Jac $50.0127.59%
Drufle $3016.55%
AndrewFM $9.044.98%
Streak $11.846.52%
Total $181.29

The inaugural tablet was $109.60 including shipping. I expected a $29 customs fee but they never charged us.

The fund proper then started at $71.69, before the following spends:
$14.99 - Starbound for Budgie
$27.00 - Community Minecraft account
$7.65 - Don't Starve for Streak
$5.99 - Manga Studio Wet Media Brushes for Cacapulse

Leaving it at $16.06.

PersonProportionDue backStatus
Me0.1676871311 * 16.06$2.69Put aside
Elementalpenguin0.2758012025 * 16.06$4.43Sent
Jac0.2758563627 * 16.06$4.43Sent
Drufle0.1654807215 * 16.06$2.66Sent
AndrewFM0.04975507733 * 16.06$0.80Sent
Streak0.06516594199 * 16.06$1.05Sent

I'll send it by Paypal in the next few days, as I need to dig up the accounts I received them from and Paypal says it'll take 48 hours to get my 2013 records. Please try not to blackmail me in the meantime. Complete.

If you did happen to blackmail me and feel like returning the £50.48 I sent you outside of the friend fund, my paypal is still the same.
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