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Streak at 18:20 on 31 Mar 13
I like videogame musics. You like them too?? Omg we have so much in common let's eat together


I will be posting 2 per day, semi-reliably, and we can totally discuss them here. And you can speculate about future plot twists.
I also post them on my Tumblr, along with other stuff. I suppose you could also subscribe to my YouTube and you'd see whenever I add to the playlist. (Assuming you're in All Activity mode)
18:22 on 31 Mar 13
Today, I've added 2 that I had to upload myself.

Gunbound (Classic) - Metamine
Worms but with less worms.

Pokemon Vega - Wild Battle
Pokemon but with BUFF Pikachus.
16:25 on 01 Apr 13
Here more.

Mighty Switch Force! - Woah I'm In Space Cuba
Space Scotland also exists, and the weather is still crap.
Ristar - Ending
I wanted to show you the whole ending because I like how Ristar’s movements are timed to the song.
17:31 on 02 Apr 13
Sonic 1 - Spring Yard Zone
It's really hard to mow the yard when its made of metallic springs.

The Smurfs Nightmare - The Flood Wave
Another song from Alberto Gonzalez. For extra fun, try the Title Screen song.
17:23 on 03 Apr 13
Goof Troop - To The South
For the winter. Probably.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Rock Club
By Anamanaguchi. Maybe you know that word!! Man, you must know lots of words.
AndrewFM at 02:22 on 04 Apr 13
I have the urge to play Scott Pilgrim now. That game was fun.
Streak at 03:33 on 04 Apr 13
It got DLC for multiplayer and a new character recently, like 2 years after release. I haven't played it before but I have my eye on it.
16:34 on 04 Apr 13
Wii Weather Channel - Nighttime
Shh. Just sleep.

Final Fantasy VIII - Fragments of Memories (Orchestra)
Seriously go to sleep. Only then will the ritual be complete.
22:17 on 05 Apr 13
Lost Odyssey - An Enemy Appears
It's Enemy! Oh no.

Streets of Rage 2 - Back To The Industry
Punks and Ninjas in a factory. This is standard procedure.
nerdstick at 18:44 on 06 Apr 13
Video game music is overrated.
Streak at 18:25 on 07 Apr 13
Final Fantasy V - Battle Theme
Something something VOID.

Cave Story - On to Grasstown
Clearly the best song in the game. theres no such thing as opinions
17:45 on 09 Apr 13
Dragonball Advanced Adventure - Field
This game is really fun!

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Battle (Brothers)
I always wondered what might happen if Bowser if reached one of those pipes that leads to the inside of his own body.
06:43 on 11 Apr 13
Duck Tales - The Moon (ParagonX9 Mix)
I'm sure you've heard the song before, but this is a remix, and it's megadroved!! megadrivened

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Corneria
Who went to space first? Was it ducks or foxes? We may never know, because no one thought to write it down.
09:10 on 12 Apr 13
Guardian Heroes - Rough And Ready
A fun, slightly strange beat-em-up! There’s also a GBA version that’s a completely different game, but also fun. That’s Treasure for ya.

Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past - Dark World
This game, along with Wario Land 2, were pretty much the only GBA games I had. As a result, I have played both about 600 times.
11:53 on 14 Apr 13
Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - Voyage 1969
Today will be the Toohoo double feature day. Because I am a lazy fuck.

Touhou 8: Imperishable Night - Bamboo Cutter Flight ~ Lunatic Princess
I would like to thank AndrewFM’s wonderful Toohoo page. How else could I know what these songs are actually called?
AndrewFM at 22:25 on 14 Apr 13
Voyage 1969, yesss :D

I would like to thank Streak for picking good songs for Toohoo double feature day.
Streak at 11:32 on 15 Apr 13
Wario Land 4 - Toy Block Tower
If you haven't played this, you really should. You can beat up an old man. (He's immortal. It's okay.)

Starbound - Europa
All the tracks so far are super atmospheric. I could listen to the same one for hours. And I just did.
10:51 on 17 Apr 13
Sonic 3 - Chrome Gadget
All of the multiplayer stages have brilliant themes, which you'll probably never hear playing this game normally. As a fun fact, the 5 multiplayer stage's names start with A, B, C, D and E. Tell that fact at parties. People will love you.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Sorrow's Distortion
A great game. It's fun to play, and it's not piss easy like the other Metroidvanias. Although if you thought Symphony of the Night was too easy, try playing Punch mode, where you may only punch. Punch Draculas.
Edited at 17:19 on 21 Apr 13 by Streak
10:34 on 18 Apr 13
Kirby's Epic Yarn - Rainbow Falls
The loveliest platformer you ever did play.
fleece at 09:13 on 19 Apr 13
yes ecclesia yes
my favourite track, which is made even better when you know the significance of the boss fite
Streak at 17:12 on 21 Apr 13
Gunstar Heroes - Ancient Ruins
I hope you've all played this game by now. It's easily one the Megadrive's best!
11:10 on 22 Apr 13
New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Athletic Theme
All the NSMB themes are quite nice, but I'd call this particular one my favourite. WAH WAH. A fun touch, the enemies dance to the music in these games. I love when games interact with the music like that.
17:15 on 23 Apr 13
Pokémon Black/White - Accumula Town
Those kids are probably getting sick of having to play the other parts of the song for everyone that comes into town.
00:11 on 01 May 13
Megaman Battle Network 2 - ACDC Town
Internet adventures!!
11:47 on 13 May 13
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbrush Symphony
I’ve never played this series, but the music is making me want to.