Streak's Listening

he'll always listen........

Streak at 13:22 on 17 May 13
Ragnarok Online - Theme of Prontera
Best town theme tho
AndrewFM at 15:07 on 17 May 13
Ack, that song produces dangerous amounts of nostalgia.

Man, Ragnarok had great music. I always thought these town themes were really nice:
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Streak at 15:54 on 17 May 13
So much emotion in these themes, I love it.

Also the picture in that second video. I do love a good landscape'd be nice to draw some, I think. :)

edit: 100 poasts, 0 roasts
16:02 on 25 May 13
Thunder Force III - Hydra (Stage 1)
I always like names that were clearly just made to be as cool as possible. THUNDER FORCE.
21:46 on 14 Jun 13
Fez - Home
This game is pretty lookin'. And I don't say that about all the games. ;)
Porybot Bot at 10:00 on 15 Jun 13
@Streak: ??? :(

Streak at 17:31 on 15 Jun 13
cut that out dang it
nerdstick at 18:32 on 15 Jun 13
@Streak: ??? :(
Streak at 19:15 on 15 Jun 13
11:24 on 26 Jun 13
Final Fantasy V - Final Battle
Those SNES FFs, eh, how about those.
09:35 on 04 Jul 13
Sonic After The Sequel - Technology Tree Special
It’s a fangame! You should play it.

but you already knew that
03:33 on 25 Jul 13
Sonic Colours - Tropical Resort
Where does Eggman get the funding to build a bunch of planets anyway? Us Scots would likely yell that our taxes pay for it, gershdernit.

Btw that's 100 of these things! nice
00:51 on 28 Jul 13
Gradius III (Perfect Selection) - Try to Star
Sadly, because these games take place in space, there is no sound, and these songs go completely unused.
Porybot Bot at 07:33 on 28 Jul 13
@Streak: ??? :(

Streak at 16:30 on 28 Jul 13
why is he so delayed he makes me think there are actual replies
then its just disappointment
AndrewFM at 00:17 on 30 Jul 13
Secretly behind those question marks, he is saying that Gradius music is pretty fantastic.
Streak at 17:11 on 30 Jul 13
Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga - Childlike Eyes
I hope Electric Guitar and Violin get married someday, they're so cute together.
03:13 on 03 Aug 13
Contra ReBirth - Area 01
I do love intentionally retro music like this. Very cool.
23:30 on 05 Aug 13
VVVVVV - Positive Force
I’m surprised I didn’t add this one sooner.
22:21 on 15 Aug 13
Last Armageddon - Battle Music
I hear this game has creepy monsters. Everyone likes creepy monsters, right??
22:58 on 17 Aug 13
Super R-Type - Solo Sortie
I like a bass that’ll make a dent in the ground.
01:47 on 26 Aug 13
Civilization IV - Baba Yetu
I have no idea what they're yelling about, but I like it!

Bomberman 64 - Credits
Congratulations, you blew everything up. ya big jerk
bonzairob at 11:35 on 26 Aug 13
Oh man I really don't like that civ song. (I've heard it before from Rina playing it.) It seems to be intended as like "humans, civilisation, look how far we've come" but they just mixed african singing with Andrew Lloyd-Webber chords and bhewjgdf it's so cheesy. If you're going to choose music to represent humanity we can do better than I VI IV V
Streak at 14:33 on 26 Aug 13
I'd like to see a song that somehow represents the entirety of humanity, though, and it's like 60 hours long, and at the end it's become dubstep. :P

unce unce unce
Drufle at 16:40 on 26 Aug 13
I personally really like baba yetu because it's a modified version of the swahili lord's prayer. Also, our school choir sang it once and it was really amazing.