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Streak at 17:26 on 26 Aug 13
Funny enough, the Bomberman credits music is also a modified swahili prayer! what a coincidence
bonzairob at 19:01 on 26 Aug 13
It also represents the entirety of human civlisation. Man, you're good at picking themes for these things!
Streak at 16:32 on 30 Aug 13
Zero Wing - Open Your Eyes
We all know this game, but did anyone actually play it?! I sure didn't.

The Ninja Warriors - Daddy Mulk
Ninja Robots Who Are Also Bombs Are Sent To Assassinate The President While Murdering The Entire Armed Forces (And Also Other Ninjas) On Their Way To The Whitehouse. Videogames.
08:27 on 17 Sep 13
Maplestory - CBD Field

This the area where you fight cars in Singapore. Maybe it's a metaphor???

(I think I'll use MP3's from now on because youtube videos just get removed all the time, and there's not always an alternate source.
Should I upload the previous musics as MP3s as well?)
08:36 on 17 Sep 13
Final Fantasy III - Town of Water

We can safely assume that none of the other towns have water.
13:39 on 21 Sep 13
Lufia II - The Saviour of Those on Earth

I can't think of much to say, except this SNES RPG is a super interesting game that you should play.
13:43 on 21 Sep 13
I stuck all the songs from this topic in here. If anyone actually wants to download every single one I can make a zip for you instead. Just ask!!
14:53 on 14 Oct 13
Ragnarok Online - Theme of Al De Baran

It's music like this that makes me almost wish I played this instead of Maplestory, but then I remember that game has nice music too.

Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Grape Garden

man, with this music.....i sure could.......returnt to dreamland..................hergh

(the titles are now links so you can download them instead ;| )
Edited at 17:32 on 14 Oct 13 by Streak
16:53 on 15 Oct 13
Super Fantasy Zone - Picnic

You are Upa-Upa, a spaceship with wings and legs. Or you can cut off your wings and strap a massive rocket on there instead.

Rhythm Heaven Fever - Game Select 1

Select a game? I'm fine right here, thank you.