The Bombur Region

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OK this forum needs some stuff in it so it doesn't get cancelled. Here we can talk about the Pokefactory's region. Link
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I'll have to dig out my notes from wherever I cunningly hid them, I've got a lot of the general, uh, environments down up until about halfway. This has been collaborative with with ShinE mostly (since like 2003...) but anyone is free to add stuff!

Anchore at the top left is the warm end of temperate and generally sunny and breezy; it's a seaside town, like south britain
Bastion is a bit cooler, more like northern britain. There are exits to the north, east, west and south. Wild GRUE attacked! The south exit is blocked by cut trees. bastion's legend is that three dragsons of water, grass and ground left the city in three different directions.
To the northishthen-west is the grass dragon's path, Route C, leading to grandis forest.
Grandis forest was kind of split into three: forest to the west, cold pine forest to the east, and hot jungle to teh south. The first time you go across, the way south is blocked by wild magic and you can only go east-west.
Askorun town is always cold, with alpine or scandinavian style houses. Int eh summer the snow melts and it's alpine, in the winter it's more Norwegian. It's quite hilly and there's a cave under the town where spoilers that i won't post until this is a private forum are trapped.
You get a ferry back from Askorun to Vantos.
Vantos village is to the north, and warmer again; there are two ridges (mountains or hills or something i don't know) that run down towards the sea (along with parfum river) and Vantos sits on the coast in a bay. The wind is constantly being funnelled one way or the other down the valley. Nausicaa. The route comes out by bastion on route C; you don't visit the first time as it's blocked by cut trees which require the askorun badge.
Route F to the south of Bastion is the water dragon's path, towards Vintage, the Magic city, which sits on a lake. Vintage is old, so cobbled, winding streets leading down to the water. There's a waterfront and pier, and ferries to take people across. There are cafes and bookshops and culture things.
The lake isn't passable with surf until you have the vintage gym badge, because magic. the gym is on an island in the middle.
On the other side of the lake is the pagan forest, where you can catch magic-types; a train line used to run through the forest but the tracks are all overgrown with plot. This same line runs up a steep hillside to nividum and the feather cliff, and also branches to a town whose name escapes me right now. the second town is by the Ruins of Cipher where you can catch numbers unown.
After you beat the magic gym, aaron calls you and wants to fight your animals with his animals so you walk back up through bastion, where probably teams plot happens. When you beat Aaron he gives you Fly so you can fly wherever.
Then you can take the eastern exit from bastion to the mountains, or go south in grandis, because the magic badge acts like a shield.

This is where my deep planning of the areas from pokengine breaks down; a lot of the teams plot is more solid than I make it out to be but I won't bother going over that here.

If you go south from grandis you can visit Fulgida town and the lighthouse, for light-types. then that path will take you up into the mountains. Otherwise from bastion you can go up and over the mountains via some tunnels. You will come to Goodwill Passage Town, set up for weary travelers coming the other way, north, out of the desert. Goodwill Passage itself is a sloping cavern inside the mountain with ledges making your life difficult. It comes out on the mountainside and you can make your way down to Maerd Town, on the edge of the desert.
maerd is full of psychics and clairvoyants who use the desert to meditate and dreamwalk and whatnot. There's a big tower there called the Dream Tower, and the top floor of it is a mystery (gym's on the top-floor-but-one). Probably it'll have basements too.
From here you have to trudge wearily into the desert, which starts off normal, until you reach the darkness. The center of the desert is perpetually supernaturally dark, and is a haven for ghost and dark types. It's probably full of ruins and shit. It's rocky as well as sandy so we could have cool carvy things.
In the middle of the desert is Cargan Temple, manned by a stalwart few who work from within the darkness to keep it at bay, and it contains the Dark-type gym. Again, basements. I think a tunnel from here or something might lead northwest to the cargan graveyard, which is close to the edge of the desert and outside of the dark bit.
Continuing south, the desert lightens again and it gets hotter; there's some rest stop and a bridge across to Southern Island, which is tropical.
My memory is failing again and I can't remember their names but there's a hotsprings town, and then a short and rocky path to a big port town. This is probably brazilian styled or something; it's on the water but the town slopes sharply up to the ardor volcano, within which is the fire gym. The leader is an engineer using the volcano as a power source. Also a woman now.
Past thatthere is Torkenhow hill, here be dragons. Then by sea, teh Ferrarum Fortress, an abandoned steel fortress on the water. Then it's back onto land (up some sheer cliffs) to Silvos Edge Town, ont eh edge of the Manifold Forest, which is not relevant to the game, for now. this is the last town before Victory Road and the Elite Four; Victory Road will be all tidal caverns and sheer cliffs, going inside and outside.
After the E4 some other stuff to the north opens up; there's a tunnel system under the central mountain range with very high-level pokermans in it, with entrances scattered around (the main one being in goodwill, probably it's up to the player to find other exits.)
There's a town that's mentioned way back at the start called Altum Cecidi, on the top left, which is another culturey historic town. You can dive in the bay there and find fossils to get them revived.

Bombur's themes are life prevailing, and finding balance between extremes. The continent was created by Schimre, himself an in-world-pokemon-factory-created monster, to atone for his sins, which mostly consisted of eating everything that came near and pooping Madstones. In the middle of the continent, underground, is the balance to the dark desert, which is all about life and magic and secrets, oh so many secrets.

So, if you have any cool ideas to fill out what's missing here and whatnot, please do share them. I've got a folder full of inspiration photos for a lot of the areas so stuff like that works pretty well.

Eventually with the site I want to add private dev-only per-game forums, like minisites per game, but i'm not sure how it'll work yet. We'll see.
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Streak at 00:50 on 01 Mar 14

Eventually with the site I want to add private dev-only per-game forums

well you have now pal so lets get to it bub
Poryhedron at 06:42 on 01 Mar 14
Oh hey this exists

bonzairob wrote:

So, if you have any cool ideas to fill out what's missing here and whatnot, please do share them.

One type of cool idea I'd personally like to request involves Goodwill Passage Town, which I created. There is an old church in the town, because of the town's backstory, but I'm not sure what I want to do with the church. It could be abandoned and haunted, or it could just be a cultural landmark like the church you can visit in Hearthome City in Sinnoh. I welcome ideas for neat side things that could involve either an active, if low-attendance, church, or an abandoned one.
Horanoven at 21:27 on 01 Mar 14
A haunted church is another place to put pokemon, which is always a plus.
You could even do both by having the church be a cultural landmark and then giving it a haunted basement. Even throw in an evil team encounter at some point.
NevtheApe at 20:46 on 22 Sep 14
Oh man, anyone seen the catacombs under Paris? It'd be sweet if the haunted basement led to something similar.

Also why is the region called bombur out of curiosity? Is the nod to the dwarf intentional?
Poryhedron at 01:37 on 23 Sep 14
If I recall correctly, the staff member who originally designed the continent (Schimre) basically just grabbed a neat-sounding name from somewhere.
Terravark at 14:11 on 19 Aug 15
Um...I'm sorry if this post is dead or something like that but...I guess I would like to add something onto this...

How will we choose what Pokemon will be in this game of Bombur? (and by we, I mean whoever's working on the game X( )

What I mean is, will only Pokemon that were accepted into Pokefactory be a part of the game, or can other Pokemon be introduced?
obscureOmega at 20:38 on 19 Aug 15
this forum sees so little activity that reviving dead threads really isn't a bad thing in any way so don't worry about it

and that's a good question, actually. i think we were operating under the assumption that we would be narrowing down existing PF species into a smaller group for the game, but maybe we'll add a few more?? they'd probably be staff-submitted rather than fan contributions if that's what you're wondering
Poryhedron at 00:35 on 20 Aug 15
Since 3dPƐ is designed to make it fun and easy for anyone to create their own fangame, I'd guess the one put together by PokéFactory staff will have only PF-dexed pokémon in it. There are already two other fangames by other people in the planning stages; they will involve fan-made species outside of PF.
bonzairob at 21:46 on 20 Aug 15
I really need to add something about the PF relationship to the FAQ...