How different should the game version of Bombur be to the site version?

how different

Cacapulse Banned at 08:29 on 15 Aug 13
I brought this up a couple of times but mostly it's conversations with just bonzai. Discuss!
F_Budgie at 13:35 on 15 Aug 13
less winking references to staff members

"wow, that sure reminds me of the legend of miravistel, winkity wank"
bonzairob at 20:08 on 16 Aug 13
More teams
F_Budgie at 09:09 on 17 Aug 13





aren't there enough already

if the main legends won't be the apes doesn't that require a new storyline
Porybot Bot at 09:09 on 17 Aug 13

F_Budgie at 12:29 on 17 Aug 13
fuck off porybot you can't write for shit i've read your simpsons fanfiction
bonzairob at 16:22 on 17 Aug 13

No I mean, in the rpg, the teams very rarely have a role. Now they'll become a pretty major storyline focus.
Poryhedron at 02:39 on 18 Aug 13
So, by "more teams" you don't mean a greater number of teams, you just mean use the teams more.
bonzairob at 09:49 on 18 Aug 13
Exactly! More team.
Madcap at 17:23 on 10 Oct 13
I've had notions on how to go about doing this. I'll compile them and post them here soon.
20:49 on 10 Oct 13
But are you gonna throw in the Mongrules? Maybe have them be the remnants of all the previous villainous teams forming into one team that ends up splitting apart since all the different members want something different?