Pokemon Downpour

Recycled ideas from my Halcyon Days (tm) which will hopefully coalesce into something worthwhile.

Thread 0 the prequel

Dev log, or something like that. For now I just don't have enough ideas to divide them into multiple topics, so I'll just list the few ideas I have thus far.

1) Setting
I think rather than a traditional Pokemon game, this one would be a bit more like Colosseum or XD in terms of the story and gameplay progression. Maybe it'd be on the short side, as well, only spanning levels... 20 to 50 or something like that. Nothing is even remotely set in stone yet, even the title, but I'm thinking this would be more a "slice of life" kind of game- sort of a modernized take on living with Pokemon. I sort of want a bit of a melancholy tone to it- hence the 'Downpour' in the tentative title- but hopefully I'll keep it from getting overly angsty.

This game will most likely feature canon Pokemon only. I have some ideas for fakemon as well, which may end up going into another game, although I'm not sure I'd want to run two games myself- maybe someone else will take those on at some later time.

2) Plot
The starter Pokemon are going to be Cacnea, Ekans, and Phanpy. I am hopeful that by the time I'm actually capable of creating this game we will be able to edit the stats of canon Pokemon but for right now I can't remember if that's a feature or a planned feature or not.

The plot will, I believe, involve a flashback at one point to when the starter is first obtained at level 5 before returning to the present day where the Pokemon is about level 20 or so. Battling and level progression will likely be very slow for the first chunk of the game, intentionally. The player is not a trainer by nature, and so their Pokemon has seen very little combat over the years, although I'm also thinking they'd still feature heavily in day to day life- perhaps there'll be some way they can help you with chores and tasks around the city?

That's all I've got for now, probably won't update for quite a while either, just thought this was a good space to organize my thoughts and see if anyone had anything to add. ttfn
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