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PINKSERV2: gotta earn that said economy a DispenserSniper: and then you must learn


DispenserSniper: without fail, i just put my hair against a bird cage


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these are all real

But a person, like the person I’ve reblogged from, wouldn’t understand that at all because they’re too trapped in media and the smoke screen of ignorance they’ve accepted. Lmao but without people like this, who else would buy infomercial products and actually believe the news :3

Then I think to myself, maybe I was being harsh on this one person. They couldn’t possibly be the retarded and moronic idiot I though they were, so I view their blog and all I read is “fart butt fart butt fart butt fart butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart farts bum shit poop”

I was correct…

budgie you traitor

I have no patience for people who think they can police otherkin identities

No, I'm fine with gay people. But it's people like you, who try to shove the gay propaganda down everyone's throats, that's what i'm willing to kill for to protect heterosexuality.


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