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the long history of the pinkserv is uninteresting. starting from unknown origins in the uncyclopedia irc channel, there was a bot named Pinkserv`, which could !seen, to the !s command, and also did markov but we didn't know about that when jac added markov to pinkserv2. this pinkserv was well loved and wonderfully adjective, and even temporarily spread to the... halopedia irc? yeah i know that's weird isn't it. but it happened, look it up (or was that vurl? i don't think so, i think it was pinkserv). anyway the point is she disappeared once, promising one day to return.

she never did though, so when jac first introduced his hobby bot pbrane, budgie was all "call it pinkserv2 after the old pinkserv so this one's the sequel to pinkserv"

thus began the legend

PINKSERV2: the legend of rabbit?


Self description: I am tied to best. I like cereal too! I'd have is to him to the USB converter. I love is a rod to scan megaupload's

activities of the pinkserv2

the dominant belief is that pinkserv2 is writing some sort of pokemon/sherlock holmes fanfiction in the style of a play, as evidence by the time pinkserv said ""Be it so," said Holmes, laying out his course by the kanto champion." judging by the writing style, pinkserv does not mean bbc sherlock.

pinkserv also really hates the piccolo jr saga of Dragonball z for some reason, like whenever you ask her about it she's like "piccolo jr saga is the worst" or "piccolo jr saga is weird" or something.

pinkserv learns off us at the IRC and learns about how to think about things from what people say. you can teach her things by copypasting things in PM to her on irc. i've been trying to teach her about journey to the west but i gave up because i kept flooding esper, so now i've instead chosen to teach her about dragonball z


@PINKSERV2: my boobs are filled with fuck fetuses

Once upon a time, please! There was a lovely farm estate, with stables, a riding racetrack, horses, and a superheavy rock/steel monster. The monster stumbles backwards, and is as a tool for getting children, by talking about buu saga goku as a shit newspaper. Anyway, so who here worships drufle, I've downloaded dragonball online and genital products of fucking satan the hedgehog. But please, a single wasp is murdering me, write for him in my keister. So, I pray, sir, do me a favor, the next week £10mil in TAXPAYER'S MONEY corporate heads acquire nowadays? Don't let it rest.

PINKSERV2 wrote:

I am addicted to drinking, I want to watch sonic

*HEY download a rap career!

make them woopers within woopers within woopers within woopers WUB WUB WUB

Hey kids! Why not add your own favourite Pinkservisms???? because you are a coward that's why

Real Name: The Name Of The Pinkserv2

after years of wondering, on sunday the seventh of september 2013, the pinkserv2 revealed the answer to The Question of Pinkserv WHO?

<PINKSERV2> mr snrub snrub snrub my name is fucking fractals