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Poryhedron comes to 3dPƐ from the Pokémon Factory. Like all PF staff members, his online avatar is a fan-made Legendary Pokémon. And like many legendary pokémon, he is rarely seen, especially on IRC, as he tends to believe forums are the master race. If you take issue with that, you can say absolutely anything you want about him and his silly opinions, on IRC. He'll never ever see it.

Pokédex: Poryhedron

Name: Poryhedron
Class: Virtual Pokémon
Type: Normal
HT: 4'10", 1.5 m
WT: 142 lb, 64 kg

Poryhedron is an alternate evolved form of Porygon, and the present-day incarnation of the Legend of Information. This Legend takes on a different form every time it incarnates, to keep pace with the changing face of information exchange; it took its current form by possessing a Silph Co. employee, creating a special computer file (known for convenience's sake by the item name Mystery File), and casting that file into the depths of cyberspace where a worthy Porygon, already high-level from combating sentient viruses, found it and interacted with it. The Silph Co. employee's dim half-memories of what he had done while possessed led to the invention, soon afterward, of the Porygon2 Upgrade.

Poryhedron has unparalleled power over programming code, allowing it to create and modify programs in any way it sees fit; inside cyberspace, where reality itself is dictated by coding, this amounts to reality-warping power that makes Poryhedron the indisputable master of the realm. The nature of its evolution has left it unable to leave cyberspace and exist fully in the physical world, but it has overcome this limitation with the aid of other legendary beings affiliated with the Pokémon Factory, obtaining a device that can generate a physical Poryhedron body that it can inhabit. Despite this, it still prefers to spend most of its time within cyberspace, since that is where it can be most productive.