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Streak is a man of many talents, and some say he only moves when you look at him. And there's really no way to prove that now is there? He likes long walks on the beach, but only if your legs are spinning like a Sonic's. He is still battle married to Budgie, we think? No one's really sure.

He is a fan of the Sonic The Hedgehog series, and of the pokémon Tropius and Wooper. If you'd like to seduce him, you should talk about those a lot. If you'd like him to pounce you, pronounce it 'gif'.

He is an average lover. Thank us later.

What does he even do

He once made videogames, but that was a long time ago. Maybe there will be more.
He drew stickmen professionally for a while, and still rarely does. His finest creation is ______, whose adventures in Happy Fun Land have inspired millions.
He often remixes MIDIs into better things, that people occasionally enjoy. The first ever result of these musical endeavours was this song. It's got an irritating backing instrument and a long silence at the end. It's great! He got better though.

His stuff topic can be found here.

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