Happy Fun Land

Happy Fun Land was a choose-your-own-adventure style series run by Streak back in the olden days. He would draw a panel, featuring the main character ______, standing in a field or some shit, and then viewers would post what they think he should do. One or more are chosen, and then they are done. The goal of the game was to make shit happen.

Happy Fun Land

Humble beginnings

The first run of this was mostly lost to The Void, until it was rescued by AndrewFM, what a guy. It began with our hero, ______, standing in a field, except he had no hair at the time. So he was just a stickman. Adventures happened, involving orange L's, pissing on sticks, and falling. Eventually it stopped for a bit.

It eventually returned, but then it just stopped again.

Notable characters include ______, and his sidekick, a bazooka that came to life for some reason. There were these square headed guys too? Oh and an evil ______ that was never explained. Man, what a gang.

The series cliffhanged on a high note, with ______ getting covered in shit goo from a shit pipe while fighting a ninja.

Crappy Fun Land

Crappy Fun Land began in the middle of Happy Fun Land's hiatus. It starred ______ on a brand new, super exciting adventure.

The Best Opening

It ran for a very short time, and mostly featured shitty puzzles and fire.

And a giant thing.

Haunted Fun Land

It featured new crafting and hunger mechanics.

A super special Halloween edition of Happy Fun Land. It chronicles ______'s adventures as he explores a haunted castle. Except it ends before he actually even enters it.

Um. The End?

Happy Game Land

Happy Game Land was a choose-your-own-adventure engine that could be controlled entirely through editing the txts, images and music files in the folders. It was pretty neat. The provided example adventure featured ______ in a field and he ran into walls over and over. That part was less neat.

It doesn't work anymore though, and Streak'll be damned if he's gonna fix it.

HFL The Game

HFL The Game is the one you actually remember. It was a platformer demo featuring ______ and some balls. You attacked the balls, and they'd be launched away at a stupid speed. Then you'd level up. It was kind of fun. It was notable for featuring advanced emotion simulators for each enemy. This state of the art AI was programmed by AndrewFM.

Those balls are probably evil.

Happy Game Land: Redux

An attempt at a new game made from the ground up, Redux featured Slapbat, the bat that slapped you.

And that was it.