BBcode is baby HTML for babies. The equivalent of only being allowed a wooden spoon at mealtimes in case you hurt yourself. You can also use HTML (see below), but iframes and javascript are removed by default.

Tip: Wondering how someone made their post so nice? Click the 'Source' button on their post and all secrets will be revealed.

Blue text means you should use what is specified here; If they are separated by a comma, e.g. bulbasaur,charmander,squirtle, it means to just pick one.
Green text means you should put your own text, in some way. So link would mean a URL.
Italics on either of the above mean it is optional.

Simple Wrappers

Text goes between the opening and closing tags.
Bold[ b ][ /b ]BoldCtrl + B
Italic[ i ][ /i ]ItalicCtrl + I
Underline[ u ][ /u ]UnderlineCtrl + U
Strikethrough[ s ][ /s ]StrikethroughCtrl + Shift + S
Code[ code ][ /code ]
Code here
Ctrl + Alt + C
Quote[ quote ][ /quote ]

Quote here

Ctrl + Q
Spoiler[ spoiler ][ /spoiler ]Spoiler - hover to see, click to show.Ctrl + Alt + S
Image[ img ][ /img ]Ctrl + Shift + I
Unown[ unown ][ /unown ]UnownCtrl + Shift + U
Audio[ mp3 ][ /mp3 ]
[ ogg ][ /ogg ]
Link[ url ][ /url ] (see Argument Wrappers)
Email[ email ][ /email ]no-reply@3dpe.orgN/A
Show/Hide[ showhide ][ /showhide ]Show content
HTML[ html ][ /html ]Yes, even marquees.Ctrl + H
Rainbow[ rainbow ][ /rainbow ]Rainbow text is what every forum needsN/A
IRC[ irc ][ /irc ]
when i get paid im going to buy a new ass
this ones reliable but there's better ones avaliable now
like the mythril one
streak, you don't meet the level requirement for mythril ass

Individual Tags

These tags are just used on their own.

[ * ] More text[/td]
[ * ] No newlines in here[/td]
they will break.
Pokémon[ Bulbasaur ]
[ Landorus:therian ]
Youtube[ youtube=video id or youtube url ]Ctrl + Y
You[ you ]youN/A
Bullet[ * ]Text
  • Text
  • More text
  • No new lines in here
they will break.
Number bullet[ 1 ]Text
[ 1 ] More text
[ 1 ] No new lines in here
they will break.

  1. Text
  2. More text
  3. No new lines in here
they will break.
Hey@ Username@UsernameN/A
Yo~ UsernameStreakN/A
Greentext> Text
Git Branch Tag[gitbranch repo branch ]Legacy: Map EditorN/A
Wikilink[ [Article] ]
[ [Article|Link text] ]
Link text

Argument Wrappers

These tags have extras that need specifying, and also surround text.

Background[ background=hex code ][ /background ]BackgroundN/A
Color[ color=hex code ][ /color ]ColorCtrl + Shift + C
Size[ size=percentage, e.g. 150 ][ /size ]150%N/A
Quote[ quote=Name ][ /quote ]Name wrote:


N/A (see Simple Wrappers)
Email[ email=email address ][ /email ]EmailN/A
Link[ url=link ][ /url ]A linkCtrl + L



In the editor, select text and hit Ctrl + Shift + B to start writing your own wrapper. The start and end of the tag will automatically be filled in as you type.
Likewise, when text is selected and you hit one of the keyboard shortcuts, the selected text will be wrapped.


The double-bracketed Wiki links work inside posts, but will always link to the wiki.
To use the headers, surround some text with two to four equals-signs. The navigation on the right is automatically populated.

Tables and Arragement

Tables and some CSS equivalents are also provided. <tbody>, <thead> and <tfoot> are not, for reasons of laziness.
[ table invis ][ /table ]<table></table>Wrap a table with this. invis removes the default borders and stripes.
[ tr ][ /tr ]<tr></tr>This defines a row of cells. use it inside table and outside td/th.
[ th colspan=number left,right ][/ th ]
[ td colspan=number center,right ][ /td ]
Individual table cells. TD is normal, TH is a header - best used on teh top row of tables. It automatically makes text bold and centered.
Use colspan when you want a table to span multiple columns. There's no rowspan yet.
use left, right and center to align the text.

The css equivalent usses rows and spans.
Use [ row ][ /row ] to create a single row of items. These are split into 12 slots.
Inside there use [ span1-12 offset1-11 ][ /span ]. The span will go across however many numbers are specified, and can be offset by slots.
For isntance, to split in even thirds, 12/3 = 4, so use span4.