Hyper Princess

officially subtitled "Hyper Princess: ❤ ☠!! ' ♫♫ %" but referred to by the fandom simply as HP or H-Pri

This was the original Hyper Princess series, and introduced the basic elements and characters that would further be explored in Hyper Princess 2: Final Crashing Uguuu~~. It was made a really long time ago, and because of this, it animates at a rate of about 2 frames per second. This was to cut costs, because the animation studio at the time only had about 4 dollars (In Japan Money, obviously).

Some of the early weirdness is obvious. For example, Hyper Princess is often seen with the wrong hair colour, and characters in the background never move and it's slightly creepy.

As with every anime ever made, Hyper Princess is adapted from a Visual Novel. Back then, though, there were no computers, so it was carved onto a rock wall in a cave somewhere. No one knows where that is now, because cave paintings are meant to be hidden. I mean seriously now. Don't be silly. The Visual Novel differed from the anime in that all the characters were instead really sexy giraffes. But that's the only difference. Those necks. So long...and...uhm.

The series was famously approved of by President Barack Obama, who said it inspired many of his presidential decisions. Since this announcement, the President's eyes have grown visibly. There is no cure.


main characters

tenshikotenshiko yumehime in her hyper princess form

  • Tenshiko Yumehime: The titular Hyper Princess, Tenshiko Yumehime is an ordinary 16 year old japanese schoolgirl, until she meets Dark Tenshiko. Dark Tenshiko reveals that Regular Tenshiko was born in a parallel, mirror universe where everyone is the dark version of this universe, but some bullshit happened and she was switched with Dark Tenshiko so they're both in the wrong universe. The reason Tenshiko wasn't dark in the Dark universe is because she is the reincarnation of the ancient cosmic princess Hyper Princess, and has to protect all universes from the Dark universe, and also other things.
  • Dark Tenshiko: The dark version of Tenshiko, who was born in the main universe. She eventually becomes a good guy, due to brain damage.
  • Takeshi Takeshi: Tenshiko's childhood friend, an attractive boy who's good at sports, intelligent, and other good adjectives. Tenshiko has a major crush on him, but he's actually gay. And he harbors a dark secret...! not his though, it's someone elses. he's just holding onto it for them.
  • Liberty Eagle: Tenshiko's girl best friend, an American exchange student who is basically the comedy character and has the anime sweat drops and gets angry about things like other anime comedy characters. In the Japanese dub, she ends every sentence with "freedom" and does token wacky things 14 year old anime fans wish that they did in real life. As the series goes on, she learns about Tenshiko's secret and gains the power to transform into the Hyper Bridesmaid for 10 minutes a day.
  • Sachiko Tsundere: Tenshiko's rival. Literally that's her entire character. she's not even tsundere. when she finds out tenshiko is the hyper princess in the last episode, she's like "shit" and melts. this is played for laughs
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic The Hedgehog is the teacher of Tenshiko's class. He is always there to lend a helping gotta go fast and always never gives up. he owns the dark secret that takeshi harbours, and that secret is revealed in Hyper Princess 3, and Changes The Series Forever, turns Upside Down Everything You Thought You Knew About Hyper Princess and Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again™.
  • Mrs Yumehime: Tenshiko's mum, but technically, she's really Dark Tenshiko's mum, and only real tenshiko's adoptive mum. Her first name is genuinely Mrs. She is unmarried because Dark Tenshiko was immaculately conceived.
  • Microsoft: The microsoft corporation, converted into a single japanese teenage girl. She joins the gang after Dark Tenshiko tries to destroy the world by tranforming microsoft into a teenage girl. Note that the real world microsoft got their name from this microsfot (who before being turned into a teenage girl, was a corporation that sold bread costumes)

bad guys

  • Director General Coara: the main villain, and the reincarnating foe of Hyper Princess, Coara is a Super Koala who has mastered the art of reincarnation, with memories and powers intact. He is the Director General of the Supreme Committee of Evil Darkness Inc. Council Party (or The Council for short), and the ruler of the dark universe.
  • bread: a loaf of bread stuck in a human's body.
  • MANita SarkessiMAN: the dark universe version of anita sarkeesian, MANita has the power to paint plaid patterns on everything, and also, make people deathly allergic to plaid. his goal is to break up with as many girlfriends as possible as quickly as possible, through any means possible, like covering his house in plaid, making his girlfriend allergic to plaid and then refusing to compromise on plaid. he has a Dark Youtube series called "Feminist Bayesian", a joke that will be funny to exactly 0.00000000000000001% of 3dpe users. he is the director of marketing in The Council.
  • Dark Takeshi: also known as HYPER PRINCE, dark takeshi mirrors hyper princess's powers, and is also a successful stand up comedian. he once gay married bread. he is the Chief Technical Officer in The Council.
  • Frieza: frieza. literally just frieza. note frieza was originally from hyper princess toriyama stole him.
more to come........................

Theme Song

official hyper princess theme song

The hearts' heart's heart, is a heart
The aim of my dreams, is BARACK OBAMA
My friends and me, are always being continued
The courage's love, in my chest, is used for GREAT BEAUTY

heeeey, i have a butt
buuuut, i don't want one
but, frieza's a hot girl
and so, i can do it too! CAN YOU?

world, i, beautiful, kawaii
justice, economics, fart
tomorrow, next year, japanese words (literally that's what it says)


Q: If bread is trapped in a human body, why does he look like a loaf of bread?
he is wearing a bread costume

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