This text here isn't actually random, it chooses a phrase based on the results of our Hyper Fate Core, which also tells us to do things. Mundane, boring things. Last week it told me to go pick up more milk because I had run out. I mean, I had run out, I just wish it would tell me to sacrifice a goat or something. Anyway, enough rambling. Sorry for rambling, typing a lot of text that's probably going to go over several lines and make the page look a bit odd. Sorry for forgetting your birthday. Sorry for all those things. Anyway, goodbye.

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The Wiki

We know many things, and will tell you about them for hours at the slightest prompting.

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The Engine

Didn't we have something important we were supposed to be doing..?

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The Community

We're cool, we swear. It's just... look, we really like pokémon, all right?

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