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Three Spirits v1.2.2 Download - 2022 Update

Play a short Halloween adventure, made with 3dPE

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at 17:32 on 31 Oct 20


Windows instructions:

Make sure to extract the .exe from the zip file to run it. Windows 8 and above required.

If you have problem and want to help me debug, there's a debug version for windows here - this starts a debug console you can send me the output of. However, there are also log files you can send me!

Mac instructions

Double click the zip, and then the app should appear. Double click it to run. MacOS 10.13 High Sierra required (maybe?)

If it warns you about unknown developers, go System Preferences > Security and there should be a button there that says "Run Anyway" about 3dPE or Three Spirits. (Don't click it if it's not!)

Known Problems

  • The first map can chug a little on some computers. I promise it speeds up after that.
  • On Mac, you can change the window scale without reloading the game, but this may make some UI elements go weird.
Thanks for playing! Come chat about it in our Discord - link on the top bar


Version 1.2.2 - Bugfix
  • Finally found and fixed the crash when using the ladder - thanks @TheMidnightLucario
Version 1.2.1 - 2022 Update
  • Finally gave it a name! No longer "The 3dPE Halloween Demo"
  • Mac OS 11 support and other engine improvements - thanks Aeonal
  • Added Discord rich presence support
  • Added a System Report button so you can help me out
  • Added SFX for when a particular thing happens
Version 1.1.0 - 2021 Update
  • Added a full soundtrack
  • Added trophies to earn
  • Added a new story item in Julia's room
  • Polished the ballroom floor
  • Lots of engine improvements
Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed controls not working in Options in-game
Version 1.0.2
  • First public release
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Instructions for sending me debug info

Log Files

Log files are stored in the following locations:

On Windows:
  • %APPDATA%\Roaming\3dPE\\
  • You can paste that into the Explorer address bar to go straight there.
On Mac:
  • ~/Library/Application Support/3dPE/
  • In the Finder, you can press CmdShiftG for the Go To Folder prompt, and paste the path in there.
The files are named by the date, like 2021-10-31.txt, so make sure you pick the day you had the problem.


  • Download the Debug version above, we'll be using that.
  • Open a console window with Windows + R, type cmd in the little box, press enter.
  • Drag the debug exe into that window - the file path will show up. Press enter to run the game.
  • When a crash happens the window will stay open - please send me the contents of this window!


No need for a debug version on Mac.
  • Open (cmd+spacebar and type terminal, or it's in /Applications/Utilities)
  • Type cd (that's cd and then a space), then drag the app int∆o the window.
  • Next, type cd Contents/MacOS and press enter. You can also press C Tab M Tab and it will fill in the things for you
  • Then finally type or paste in ./3dPE\ Halloween\ Demo (or ./3 Tab) - this will run the game in console mode.
Please send me the output of the terminal.


For tough problems, I might need the OpenGL log.

When you have the executable's file path in the console, before pressing enter, add --opengl-log (that's a space and then --). This will slow the game down to a crawl and make an enormous logfile called "OpenGL.log" in your home directory (so C:\Users\you or /Users/you).

Important: Try not to run it too log with this enabled, as the log files will get really huge. If you know where the problem happens, save right before it, quit, and then add the opengl log.
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